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Adjuvant chemotherapy with intraventricular methotrexate and CCNU after surgery and radiotherapy of medulloblastomas.

Helvetica paediatrica acta

Seiler RW, Imbach P, Vassella F, Wagner HP.
PMID: 581382
Helv Paediatr Acta. 1978 Aug;33(3):235-9.

Seven patients were treated with a combination of intraventricular methotrexate (MTX) and oral CCNU after resection and whole CNS irradiation of medulloblastomas. 3 patients survived 3 or more years after the operation which is not different from reported series...

[Combined preoperative radio- and chemotherapy of nephroblastoma (Wilms' tumor)].


Hünig R, Laug W, Wagner HP, Walther E.
PMID: 4368087
Strahlentherapie. 1974 Feb;147(2):117-28.

No abstract available.

[Radiotherapy of Wilms' tumors. Combined radio and chemotherapy in the treatment of Wilms' tumors].

Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin

Hünig R, Laug W, Wagner HP, Walther E.
PMID: 4135301
Fortschr Geb Rontgenstr Nuklearmed. 1973;suppl:175-8.

No abstract available.

Intravenous immunoglobulin versus oral corticosteroids in acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura in childhood.

Lancet (London, England)

Imbach P, Wagner HP, Berchtold W, Gaedicke G, Hirt A, Joller P, Mueller-Eckhardt C, Müller B, Rossi E, Barandun S.
PMID: 2863492
Lancet. 1985 Aug 31;2(8453):464-8. doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(85)90400-3.

In a randomised, multicentre study intravenous IgG was compared with oral corticosteroids in 108 children with untreated acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura. IgG was an efficient treatment with no severe untoward reactions. The effects of corticosteroids and IgG were identical...

[Cell division, cytolysis and regeneration after cyclophosphamide].

Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift

Wagner HP, Chanana AD, Cottier H, Cronkite EP, Gassmann A, Joel DD, Laissue JA.
PMID: 1006264
Schweiz Med Wochenschr. 1976 Oct 02;106(40):1383.

Cytokinetic effects of 5 or 20 mg cyclophosphamide/kg body weight on thoracic duct lymph and blood cells of calves were analyzed. The larger dose caused a temporary cessation of lymphoid cell division, reduced the output of nondividing small lymphoid...

[Pregnancy and childbirth in a mother with active histiocytosis].

Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift

Tapià JE, Wagner HP, Altermatt HJ.
PMID: 3875897
Schweiz Med Wochenschr. 1985 Jul 27;115(30):1060-4.

The course of pregnancy is described in a 20-year-old patient who had had active histiocytosis X since infancy. After an acute onset during the first year of life, a disseminated chronic state developed at 18 months of age which...

[Results of treatment of 40 children with osteosarcomas in Switzerland].

Chirurgie pediatrique

Wagner HP.
PMID: 3865737
Chir Pediatr. 1985;26(4):256-7.

No abstract available.

Cytokinetic studies in two acute lymphoblastic leukemias.

Helvetica medica acta

Keiser G, Wagner HP, Frey-Wettstein M.
PMID: 5241722
Helv Med Acta. 1968 Mar;34(2):155-69.

No abstract available.

[The effect of chemotherapeutic measures on the course of malignant neoplastic diseases in childhood].


Wagner HP, Bettex M.
PMID: 4168743
Praxis. 1966 May 12;55(19):562-8.

No abstract available.

Supportive care in pediatric oncology.

Recent results in cancer research. Fortschritte der Krebsforschung. Progres dans les recherches sur le cancer

Wagner HP.
PMID: 2459748
Recent Results Cancer Res. 1988;108:301-5. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-82932-1_36.

No abstract available.

Repression of nuclear lamin A and C gene expression in human acute lymphoblastic leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cells.

Leukemia research

Stadelmann B, Khandjian E, Hirt A, Lüthy A, Weil R, Wagner HP.
PMID: 2232854
Leuk Res. 1990;14(9):815-21. doi: 10.1016/0145-2126(90)90076-l.

The lamins A, B and C which are differentially expressed during ontogenesis and differentiation are karyoskeletal proteins forming a polymeric meshwork at the inner nuclear membrane. Using Northern blot analyses we investigated the steady state levels of the three...

Differentiation of plasma and myeloma cells of man. Combined planimetric and cytophotometric studies.

Klinische Wochenschrift

Kühner U, Barandun S, Morell A, Skvaril F, Wagner HP.
PMID: 69746
Klin Wochenschr. 1977 Jun 15;55(12):573-6. doi: 10.1007/BF01490510.

Plasmacytoid cells in the bone marrow of 3 patients with myeloma and plasma cells in the bone marrow of a 6-year-old boy with an infectious disease were assessed cytophotometrically, first after Giemsaand second after Feulgen staining. The cell and...

Showing 1 to 12 of 161 entries