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[30 years of halothane--30 years of halothane hepatitis].

Anaesthesiologie und Reanimation

Roschlau G.
PMID: 3307805
Anaesthesiol Reanim. 1987;12(4):195-9.

No abstract available.

[Possibilities of protraction of murine viral hepatitis. An experimental study].

Experimentelle Pathologie

Roschlau G.
PMID: 4350118
Exp Pathol (Jena). 1972;7(5):221-7.

No abstract available.

[Animal experimental immunohistological studies of the postmyocardial infarct syndrome].

Acta biologica et medica Germanica

Roschlau G, Schuh D.
PMID: 4873543
Acta Biol Med Ger. 1967;19(2):339-42.

No abstract available.

[Occurrence, importance and nomenclature of placenta maturation disorders].

Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen

Roschlau G, Justus J.
PMID: 5117098
Dtsch Gesundheitsw. 1971 Aug 19;26(34):1608-11.

No abstract available.

[A contribution to the morphology of juvenile familial nephrophthisis on the basis of 3 cases in a family].

Gegenbaurs morphologisches Jahrbuch

Justus J, Roschlau G.
PMID: 5982498
Gegenbaurs Morphol Jahrb. 1966;109(2):239-42.

No abstract available.

[Cholestasis, hepatitis, peliosis--morphological substrate and clinical aspects of anabolic-induced liver damage].

Zeitschrift fur arztliche Fortbildung

Baumgarten R, Fengler JD, Markus R, Roschlau G, Schmehl V.
PMID: 6880277
Z Arztl Fortbild (Jena). 1983;77(12):519-22.

No abstract available.

[Chronic drug-induced hepatitis caused by dihydralazine].

Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Verdauungs- und Stoffwechselkrankheiten

Roschlau G, Hass S, Schmehl V.
PMID: 3371237
Dtsch Z Verdau Stoffwechselkr. 1988;48(1):41-6.

Two cases are described, which revealed the picture of a dihydralazine-induced chronic aggressive hepatitis bioptically. One case was laparotomized under the clinical diagnosis of obstruction jaundice, the other exhibited no symptoms and was detected by elevated transaminases only. The...

[Multiple nodular hyperplasia of liver associated with oral contraceptives (author's transl)].

Zentralblatt fur allgemeine Pathologie u. pathologische Anatomie

Roschlau G.
PMID: 607696
Zentralbl Allg Pathol. 1977;121(6):517-21.

Two cases of multiple nodular hyperplasia of liver in patients with intake or oral contraceptives for several years are described. In one case the tumours appeared simultaneously, in the other case succesively. Macroscopically the nodular hyperplasia was misdiagnosed as...

[The testicular endodermal sinus tumor in the adult].

Zeitschrift fur Urologie und Nephrologie

Schubert J, Roschlau G, Gorski J.
PMID: 961105
Z Urol Nephrol. 1976 Feb;69(2):99-102.

No abstract available.

[Detection of alcohol abuse and monitoring of alcoholic abstinence using sideroblastic index and gamma-glutamyltransferase].

Folia haematologica (Leipzig, Germany : 1928)

Boewer C, Roschlau G.
PMID: 2416655
Folia Haematol Int Mag Klin Morphol Blutforsch. 1985;112(5):777-99.

45 hospitalised patients with chronic alcohol abuse observed immediately until that time preceding hospitalisation were examined with the aim of finding out whether examinations of the bone-marrow and gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) i.s. may be used for recording the consumption of...

[Carcinogenic effect of methotrexate and cyclophosphamide in animal experiment].

Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen

Roschlau G, Justus J.
PMID: 5095181
Dtsch Gesundheitsw. 1971 Jan 28;26(5):219-22.

No abstract available.

[Liver lesions caused by oral contraceptives. I. Contraceptive-induced hepatosis in 85 women: recommendations for diagnosis and prophylaxis].

Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen

Fengler JD, Baumgarten R, Roschlau G.
PMID: 668503
Dtsch Gesundheitsw. 1978;33(27):1251-6.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 58 entries