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Hyperapobetalipoproteinemia in a kindred with familial combined hyperlipidemia and familial hypercholesterolemia.

Arteriosclerosis (Dallas, Tex.)

Kwiterovich PO, White S, Forte T, Bachorik PS, Smith H, Sniderman A.
PMID: 3593067
Arteriosclerosis. 1987 May-Jun;7(3):211-25. doi: 10.1161/01.atv.7.3.211.

A child showed a type IIb lipoprotein pattern and triglyceride-enriched cutaneous xanthomas before 1 year of age. The proband and 9 of 18 relatives had elevated plasma levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) B protein; of these nine relatives,...

Biochemical, clinical, epidemiologic, genetic, and pathologic data in the pediatric age group relevant to the cholesterol hypothesis.


Kwiterovich PO.
PMID: 3090513
Pediatrics. 1986 Aug;78(2):349-62.

No abstract available.

Genetic analysis of plasma sitosterol, apoprotein B, and lipoproteins in a large Amish pedigree with sitosterolemia.

American journal of human genetics

Beaty TH, Kwiterovich PO, Khoury MJ, White S, Bachorik PS, Smith HH, Teng B, Sniderman A.
PMID: 3706300
Am J Hum Genet. 1986 Apr;38(4):492-504.
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We previously reported the finding of phytosterolemia, xanthomatosis, and hyperapobetalipoproteinemia (hyperapoB) in five siblings in a large Amish pedigree ascertained through a 13-year-old boy who died suddenly from advanced coronary atherosclerosis. Here, we present further analyses of the plasma...

Type IV hyperlipoproteinaemia.

Clinics in endocrinology and metabolism

Kwiterovich PO, Margolis S.
PMID: 4359117
Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1973 Mar;2(1):41-71. doi: 10.1016/s0300-595x(73)80026-x.

No abstract available.

Neonatal screening for hyperlipidemia.


Kwiterovich PO.
PMID: 4362900
Pediatrics. 1974 Apr;53(4):455-7.

No abstract available.

A genetic model for control of hypertriglyceridemia and apolipoprotein B levels in the Johns Hopkins colony of St. Thomas Hospital rabbits.


Beaty TH, Prenger VL, Virgil DG, Lewis B, Kwiterovich PO, Bachorik PS.
PMID: 1459430
Genetics. 1992 Dec;132(4):1095-104. doi: 10.1093/genetics/132.4.1095.
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The St. Thomas Hospital (STH) rabbit has been previously shown to have a Mendelian form of hypertriglyceridemia, accompanied by accelerated atherosclerosis, and these animals may serve as a useful model for human dyslipoproteinemia syndromes. Here we describe the establishment...

Detection of dyslipoproteinemia with the use of plasma total cholesterol and triglyceride as screening tests. The Lipid Research Clinics Program Prevalence Study.


Kwiterovich PO, Stewart P, Probstfield JL, Stinnett S, Chambless LE, Chase GA, Jacobs DR, Morrison JA.
PMID: 3940681
Circulation. 1986 Jan;73(1):I30-9.

The efficiency of screening for dyslipoproteinemias associated with hyperlipoproteinemia or with hypolipoproteinemia was examined in 8449 white examinees from the Lipid Research Clinics Prevalence Study. A two-stage lipid screening approach was used. A positive screening test for hyperlipidemia was...

Genetic influences on susceptibility to atherosclerosis in the young.

Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

Kwiterovich PO.
PMID: 2698247
Bull N Y Acad Med. 1989 Dec;65(10):1092-108; discussion 1154-60.
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No abstract available.

Genetic analysis of total cholesterol and triglycerides in a pedigree of St. Thomas rabbits.

Journal of lipid research

Beaty TH, Kwiterovich PO, Laville A, Lewis B.
PMID: 2723545
J Lipid Res. 1989 Mar;30(3):387-94.
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A pedigree consisting of 103 New Zealand White hyperlipidemic and normal rabbits was used in a genetic analysis of total cholesterol and triglyceride levels to test for Mendelian control of hyperlipidemia. The founder male of this pedigree was identified...

Isolation of a porcine liver plasma membrane fraction that binds low density lipoproteins.


Bachorik PS, Kwiterovich PO, Cooke JC.
PMID: 83156
Biochemistry. 1978 Nov 28;17(24):5287-99. doi: 10.1021/bi00617a032.

Large amounts of injected radiolabeled low density lipoproteins have been found by others to accumulate primarily in the liver and studies in various types of isolated cells, including hepatocytes, have indicated the presence of specific cell membrane recognition sites...

Further insights into the pathophysiology of hyperapobetalipoproteinemia: role of basic proteins I, II, III.

Clinical chemistry

Kwiterovich PO, Motevalli M, Miller M, Bachorik PS, Kafonek SD, Chatterjee S, Beaty T, Virgil D.
PMID: 2004437
Clin Chem. 1991 Mar;37(3):317-26.

Hyperapobetalipoproteinemia (hyperapoB), a familial lipoprotein disorder characterized by an increase in small, dense, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles, is strongly associated with coronary artery disease. There are two metabolic defects in hyperapoB: an increased synthesis of a very-low-density lipoprotein in...

The clinical, biochemical, and familial presentation of type V hyperlipoproteinemia in childhood.


Kwiterovich PO, Farah JR, Brown WV, Bachorik PS, Baylin SB, Neill CA.
PMID: 191790
Pediatrics. 1977 Apr;59(4):513-25.

Primary type V hyperlipoproteinemia was identified in two preadolescent children. The propositus (kindred N) was a 10-year-old girl with severely creamy plasma, lipemia retinalis, hypertriglyceridemia (triglyceridelevel, 6,800 mg/100 ml), and ypercholesterolemia (cholesterol level, 490 mg/100 ml). Her parents and...

Showing 1 to 12 of 185 entries