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[Neurohormones of the sympathetic nervous system in myocardial infarct].


Katsman RF, Koroleva SA, Kachanova EM, Tsysina ML.
PMID: 4838734
Kardiologiia. 1974;15(3):44-51.

No abstract available.

Cardiovascular habituation to emotional stress in Lyon hypertensive rats.

Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology

Julien C, Sacquet J, Kandza P, Su DF, Vincent M, Barrès C.
PMID: 1521354
Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 1992 Mar;19(3):187-92. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1681.1992.tb00437.x.

1. Intra-aortic blood pressure was recorded continuously in freely moving genetically hypertensive (LH), normotensive (LN) and low blood pressure (LL) rats of the Lyon strain during two 11 h periods (08:00-19:00 h). During the first period (control), the animals...

Evidence for increased sympatho-adrenomedullary activity in young subjects with borderline hypertension.

Japanese circulation journal

Ito Y, Ando K, Noda H, Fujita T.
PMID: 3225899
Jpn Circ J. 1988 Nov;52(11):1326-34. doi: 10.1253/jcj.52.1326.

Three different studies were performed to estimate the sympatho-adrenomedullary activity in young subjects with borderline hypertension (BHT, n = 40), compared with age-matched normotensive subjects (NT, n = 24). In the first study, 23 BHT and 9 NT were...

Hypothesis for the molecular physiology of the Romano-Ward long QT syndrome.

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Vincent GM.
PMID: 1321848
J Am Coll Cardiol. 1992 Aug;20(2):500-3. doi: 10.1016/0735-1097(92)90123-5.
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OBJECTIVES: The aim of this review was to develop a hypothesis for the molecular pathophysiology of the inherited long QT syndrome.BACKGROUND: The pathophysiology of the long QT syndrome is unknown. An abnormality of the sympathetic nervous system has been...

[Denervated myocardium detected by I-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine myocardial imaging following successful percutaneous transluminal coronary thrombolysis].

Journal of cardiology

Tanaka T, Aizawa T, Kato K, Ogasawara K, Sakuma T, Kirigaya H, Hirosaka A, Nakano H, Igarashi M.
PMID: 2131348
J Cardiol. 1990;20(3):583-8.

I-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) is taken up by sympathetic nerve endings. Thirteen patients with acute myocardial infarction, in whom reperfusion was achieved with percutaneous transluminal coronary thrombolysis (PTCR), MIBG and Tl-201 (Tl) images 14 days after PTCR which were simultaneously...

Differential control of adrenal and renal sympathetic nerve activity during hemorrhagic hypotension in rats.

Circulation research

Victor RG, Thorén P, Morgan DA, Mark AL.
PMID: 2702731
Circ Res. 1989 Apr;64(4):686-94. doi: 10.1161/01.res.64.4.686.

The reflex mechanisms that produce the neurocirculatory adjustments to hemorrhagic hypotension are incompletely understood. The goal of this study was to determine if hemorrhagic hypotension in rats produces differential effects on sympathetic outflow to the adrenal gland and kidney...

The efflux of nor-epinephrine from platelets in essential hypertension.

Indian heart journal

Chandra N, Chandra M, Pandeya SN, Dhawan S, Soni D.
PMID: 1823895
Indian Heart J. 1991 Nov-Dec;43(6):461-3.

The precise role of sympathetic nervous system in initiation and/or maintenance of essential hypertension is unclear even today. Platelets have been used as a suitable model for studying neuronal turnover of biogenic amines. The present study comprised of hypertensive...

Sympathetic activity during graded central hypovolemia in hypoxemic humans.

The American journal of physiology

Rowell LB, Seals DR.
PMID: 2221126
Am J Physiol. 1990 Oct;259(4):H1197-206. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.1990.259.4.H1197.

To determine how hypoxemia (Hx) might alter muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) (microneurography, peroneal nerve), norepinephrine (NE) levels, and vasoconstriction during mild central hypovolemia, we exposed eight men to continuous graded lower body negative pressure (LBNP) (-5, -10, -15,...

Plasma lipoproteins, cardiovascular reactivity and the sympathetic nervous system.

Journal of autonomic pharmacology

Howes LG, Krum H.
PMID: 2670947
J Auton Pharmacol. 1989 Aug;9(4):293-301. doi: 10.1111/j.1474-8673.1989.tb00219.x.

No abstract available.

Cerebral blood flow during fastigial pressor response in cats.

The American journal of physiology

Williams JL, Murray MA, Schalk KA, Heistad DD.
PMID: 2316688
Am J Physiol. 1990 Mar;258(3):H729-33. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.1990.258.3.H729.

We tested the hypotheses that electrical stimulation of the fastigial nucleus increases cerebral blood flow by a dilator mechanism, impairs autoregulation during increases in arterial pressure, and attenuates increases in cerebral blood flow during acute hypertension by activation of...

[The role of the sympatho-adrenomedullary system and adrenergic receptors in the pathogenesis of orthostatic hypotension in diabetes mellitus].

Nihon Naibunpi Gakkai zasshi

Ueno S.
PMID: 2854793
Nihon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi. 1988 Dec 20;64(12):1293-312. doi: 10.1507/endocrine1927.64.12_1293.

To clarify the role of the sympatho-adrenomedullary and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone systems, and catecholamine receptors, in the pathogenesis of orthostatic hypotension in diabetes mellitus (DM), urinary excretion of catecholamines, and plasma levels of norepinephrine (PNE), epinephrine (PE), renin activity (PRA), aldosterone...

[Alterations of the sympathetic activity, plasma catecholamine content and pulmonary surfactant in neurogenic pulmonary edema in rats].

Sheng li xue bao : [Acta physiologica Sinica]

Chen MQ, Zhang YF, Shi YM, Yao DF, Zhong JG.
PMID: 2278007
Sheng Li Xue Bao. 1990 Oct;42(5):490-5.

Neurogenic pulmonary edema (NPE) was induced by microinjection of kainic acid into bilateral preoptic area (POA) of the hypothalamus in rats. Sympathetic discharge of the left adrenal branch was recorded, plasma catecholamine (CA) was assayed and the physical properties...

Showing 25 to 36 of 10129 entries