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[Pathophysiology of cardiac arrhythmias].

Zeitschrift fur Kardiologie

Antoni H.
PMID: 1290287
Z Kardiol. 1992;81:111-7.

Cardiac arrhythmias are ambiguous symptoms. Intracardiac as well as extracardiac alterations may be responsible. There is little direct information from the ECG concerning their pathophysiological mechanism. Bradycardic as well as tachycardic arrhythmias can be the result of two different...

[The assessment of the effect of a change in the frequency of continuous electrocardiostimulation on the indices of central hemodynamics and myocardial contractility using the method of radionuclide ventriculography].

Terapevticheskii arkhiv

Iansone AE, Kadyrova MM, Malov AG, Kiktev VG, Golitsyn SP, Sergienko VB.
PMID: 1292128
Ter Arkh. 1992;64(12):32-5.

No abstract available.

[The effect of combined treatment with the use of magnetotherapy on the systemic hemodynamics of patients with ischemic heart disease and spinal osteochondrosis].

Likars'ka sprava

Dudchenko MA, Vesel'skiĭ ISh, Shtompel' VIu.
PMID: 1441409
Lik Sprava. 1992 May;(5):40-3.

The authors examined 66 patients with ischemic heart disease and concomitant cervico-thoracic osteochondrosis and 22 patients without osteochondrosis. Differences were revealed in values of the systemic hemodynamics with prevalence of the hypokinetic type in patients with combined pathology. Inclusion...

[Fluctuations in the stenocardia threshold of patients with ischemic heart disease].

Terapevticheskii arkhiv

Kuleshova EV, Gusarov GV, Tsaĭ NV.
PMID: 1440301
Ter Arkh. 1992;64(4):23-6.

In twenty-eight men (the mean age 49.3 +/- 3.2 years) with different clinical varieties of angina pectoris, analysis was made of the heart rate and the grade of ischemic depression of the ST segment, associated with anginous attacks seen...

Relation of left ventricular isovolumic relaxation time and incoordination to transmitral Doppler filling patterns.

British heart journal

Brecker SJ, Lee CH, Gibson DG.
PMID: 1467050
Br Heart J. 1992 Dec;68(6):567-73. doi: 10.1136/hrt.68.12.567.
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OBJECTIVE: To investigate factors during isovolumic relaxation that determine Doppler filling patterns in patients with left ventricular disease, and thus to identify the underlying mechanisms.DESIGN: 85 patients (50 ischaemic heart disease, 35 left ventricular hypertrophy due to aortic stenosis)...

Metabolic changes during ischaemia and their role in contractile failure in isolated ferret hearts.

The Journal of physiology

Elliott AC, Smith GL, Eisner DA, Allen DG.
PMID: 1474498
J Physiol. 1992 Aug;454:467-90. doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.1992.sp019274.
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1. The effects of global ischaemia on phosphorus metabolites, intracellular pH (pHi) and developed pressure were measured in isolated whole ferret hearts using 31P nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. 2. Brief (10 min) periods of global ischaemia reduced left...

[Hibernation, stunning, ischemic preconditioning--new paradigms in coronary disease?].

Zeitschrift fur Kardiologie

Heusch G.
PMID: 1471397
Z Kardiol. 1992 Nov;81(11):596-609.

Myocardial ischemia has traditionally been characterized as an imbalance between energy supply and demand. In the initial seconds after a sudden reduction of coronary blood flow, myocardial energy demand most certainly exceeds the reduced energy supply. This temporary mismatch,...

Effects of denopamine with or without diltiazem on the ischemic heart of anesthetized dogs.

Japanese heart journal

Chibana T, Noguchi K, Ojiri Y, Matsuzaki T, Nakasone J, Uezu K, Itomine T, Higuchi M, Sakanashi M.
PMID: 1363733
Jpn Heart J. 1992 Nov;33(6):829-42. doi: 10.1536/ihj.33.829.

Effects of denopamine with or without diltiazem on the ischemic heart were investigated in anesthetized open-chest dogs. Partial occlusion of the left circumflex coronary artery (LCX) produced significant decreases in LCX flow and regional myocardial segment shortening rate (%SS)...

[The microcirculatory dynamics of patients with ischemic heart disease undergoing balneotherapy with Shmakovka narzan].

Voprosy kurortologii, fizioterapii, i lechebnoi fizicheskoi kultury

Kononenko VV, Fedorchenko IuL.
PMID: 1455802
Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 1992 Jul-Aug;(4):55-8.

No abstract available.

Clinical profile of nicorandil: an overview of its hemodynamic properties and therapeutic efficacy.

Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology

Krumenacker M, Roland E.
PMID: 1282184
J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 1992;20:S93-102.

Nicorandil is a new vasodilator agent. Efficacy and safety of nicorandil in the treatment of angina pectoris have been evaluated through an extensive clinical program with a total of 1,680 patients who received the product. Results of hemodynamic studies...

[Human heart recovery during weaning from a left ventricular assist system: time course and outcome prediction].

Journal of cardiology

Beppu S, Nakatani T, Tanaka N, Noda H, Kumon K, Taenaka Y, Nakatani S, Takano H, Miyatake K, Nimura Y.
PMID: 1843521
J Cardiol. 1991;21(3):707-16.

To investigate the time course of recovery of a failing heart using the left ventricular assist system (LVAS) and to predict the outcome of weaning from the LVAS, 14 patients with a failing heart were studied. Among them, 5...

[The functional capacity of the coronary circulation in myocardial hypertrophy].

Cardiologia (Rome, Italy)

Polese A.
PMID: 1841767
Cardiologia. 1991 Dec;36(12):171-6.

Experimental studies showed anatomic and functional abnormalities in coronary circulation of hypertensive hypertrophic hearts. Epidemiologic and clinical data suggest that hypertensive patients with myocardial hypertrophy are more prone or sensitive to myocardial ischemia. Although several factors have been invoked...

Showing 13 to 24 of 11262 entries