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[Child clumsiness, special syndromes in a group of minimal brain dysfunctions (author's transl)].

Ceskoslovenska psychiatrie

Lesný I.
PMID: 699121
Cesk Psychiatr. 1978 Jun;74(3):121-7.

No abstract available.

Angiography of colonic Crohn's disease: the zoning sign revisited.

Gastrointestinal radiology

Herlinger H.
PMID: 669162
Gastrointest Radiol. 1978 Feb 23;2(4):397-400. doi: 10.1007/BF02256526.

The zoning sign can be demonstrated in 50% of angiographies in colonic Crohn's disease and provides a reliable differential diagnostic aid against ulcerative colitis. The composition of the sign has been enlarged by the recognition of a zone C....

[Cavernous hemangioma of the mediastinum].

Chirurgia italiana

Bardini R, Motta GB, Cusumano A.
PMID: 699233
Chir Ital. 1978 Oct;30(5):599-606.

The authors present a rare case of cavernous hemangioma of the mediastinum. After a critical review of existing literature on the subject, they discuss the symptoms of this vascular malformation with special emphasis on the difficulties of differential diagnosis...

Computed tomography in the assessment of myonecrosis.

Canadian Association of Radiologists journal = Journal l'Association canadienne des radiologistes

Farmlett EJ, Fishman EK, Magid D, Siegelman SS.
PMID: 2961759
Can Assoc Radiol J. 1987 Dec;38(4):278-82.

We report four patients with myonecrosis documented by computed tomography (CT) with either tissue or surgical correlation or both. CT can be used in the diagnosis of myonecrosis when the attenuation values of the muscle involved are lower than...

Cervical aortic arch: case report with a 12-year follow-up.

Canadian Association of Radiologists journal = Journal l'Association canadienne des radiologistes

Baker KS, Bezirdjian DR, Tisnado J, Cho SR.
PMID: 2961766
Can Assoc Radiol J. 1987 Dec;38(4):302-4.

We report a patient with a cervical aortic arch diagnosed by thoracic aortography and restudied 12 years later. We also briefly discuss the clinical significance of this rare anomaly of development of the aortic arch.

Dissociation between the effects of endogenous parathyroid hormone on adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate generation and phosphate reabsorption in hypocalcemia due to vitamin D depletion: an acquired disorder resembling pseudohypoparathyroidism type II.

The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism

Rao DS, Parfitt AM, Kleerekoper M, Pumo BS, Frame B.
PMID: 2989317
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1985 Aug;61(2):285-90. doi: 10.1210/jcem-61-2-285.

In 6 of 8 adults with severe hypocalcemia and osteomalacia due to vitamin D depletion, basal excretion of nephrogenous cAMP (NcAMP) was increased, but the mean renal phosphate threshold (TmP/GFR) was normal, indicating that the steady state phosphaturic response...

[Oral-facial-digital syndrome in male (author's transl)].

Anales espanoles de pediatria

Gracia R, Prieto G, Pérez Rodríguez J, Lledó G, Herráiz JI, Jover P.
PMID: 1267303
An Esp Pediatr. 1976 Jan-Feb;9(1):79-84.

One case of oral-facial-digital syndrome (Papillon-Léage and Psaume) is presented. This is the second one reported on a patient with normal male karyotipe. Clinical data and genetic aspects are commented in relation with this new case in a 46...

Renal medullary fibroma presenting as a calcified mass with neovascularity.

The Journal of urology

Polga JP.
PMID: 933267
J Urol. 1976 Jul;116(1):105-6. doi: 10.1016/s0022-5347(17)58701-7.

Radiologic evaluation of a 70-year-old woman revealed a large calcified mass in the left kidney. Arteriography demonstrated neovascularity and left nephrectomy was performed. Pathologic evaluation revealed the lesion to be a large renal medullary fibroma.

Palsy of the flexor pollicis longus and the flexor digitorum profundus to the index finger resembling anterior interosseous nerve syndrome.

Nihon geka hokan. Archiv fur japanische Chirurgie

Yanase Y, Ueba Y, Yamamoto K, Sudo Y.
PMID: 561575
Nihon Geka Hokan. 1977 Jan 01;46(1):38-45.

No abstract available.

[Case of congenital chlorine diarrhea].

Pediatria polska

Sieniawska M, Kawalec W, Korniszewska J, Tolloczko I.
PMID: 1110850
Pediatr Pol. 1975 Jan;50(1):83-6.

No abstract available.

[Reliability of differential diagnosis of various types of cerebrovascular diseases in Japan and its changes in the last 10 years].

Nihon Ronen Igakkai zasshi. Japanese journal of geriatrics

Hirota Y, Lau A.
PMID: 1170414
Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. 1975 Jan;12(1):7-12. doi: 10.3143/geriatrics.12.7.
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No abstract available.

[Experience in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of mediastinal chemodectoma].

Grudnaia khirurgiia (Moscow, Russia)

Boldogoev DG, Khudiakov LM.
PMID: 2838401
Grudn Khir. 1988 Mar-Apr;(2):82-5.

No abstract available.

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