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[Pathogenesis of cardiac insufficiency in thyrotoxicosis].


Levine LI, Volgin EG.
PMID: 138009
Kardiologiia. 1975 Oct;15(10):136-42.

The purpose of the work was to study some problems relating to the pathogenesis of cardiac insufficiency in patients with thyrotoxicosis. To do this a total of 108 patients suffering from thyrotoxicosis with varying degree of severity and aged...

[High-altitude pulmonary hypertension and fibrinolysis].


Bobokhodzhaev MKh, Chernaia FA.
PMID: 138014
Kardiologiia. 1976 Sep;16(9):46-50.

The fibrinolytic system of the blood was studied in 49 indigenous residents at an altitude of 3600 m above sea level having signs of altitude pulmonary hypertension, and in 48 persons without such signs. The control group comprised 70...

[Sympathetic-adrenal and enterochromaffin systems and homeostatic indices in open-heart surgical operations under morphine anesthesia].


Stepanian EP, Kuznetsova BA, Beloiartsev FF, Efimova OV, Mikhaĭlova IL.
PMID: 513466
Kardiologiia. 1979 Nov;19(11):80-4.

Catecholamine, serotonin and histamine metabolism and the level of acid metabolites and the activity of the enzymes lactate dehydrogenase and catalse in blood were studied in patients with congenital heart disease who were operated on under conditions of extracorporeal...

[Clinical aspects of hypertensive crises].


Kavtaradze VG, Kikodze NL, Kobakhidze ML, Gelovani KA, Melikadze NL.
PMID: 513473
Kardiologiia. 1979 Dec;19(12):44-8.

Hypertensive crises were studied in 80 patients. In severe cases the ECG provided evidence of systolic overloading of the left ventricle with intensification of coronary circulation and development of acute myocardial ischemia. Phase analysis showed prolongation of the mechanical...

[Fluorescein angiographic studies of the fundus oculi in the malignant arterial hypertension syndrome].


Arabidze GG, Katsnel'son LA, Gurtovaia EE, Kozdoba OA, Balishanskaia TI.
PMID: 513474
Kardiologiia. 1979 Dec;19(12):49-52.

Fluorescein-angiographic examination of fundus oculi in 33 patients with the syndrome of malignant hypertension made it possible to recognize for the first time changes in the choriocapillary layer, which in 29 patients were displayed by choroidal retention; ischemic zones...

[Effect of the characteristics of the preinfarct period on the state of patients in the 1st year after a myocardial infarct].


Nikolaeva LF, Aronov DM, Karpova GD, Bakumenko MS, Khodosh LN.
PMID: 513477
Kardiologiia. 1979 Dec;19(12):83-8.

From a follow-up of 496 patients (males aged from 20 to 65 years) the authors analyse their condition during the first year after recovery from myocardial infarction. It is shown that preceding arterial hypertension, a history of myocardial infarction...

[Blood hormones in chronic ischemic heart disease and acute myocardial infarct].


Kasatkina LV, Pivovarov VN, Markova EV, Salem S, Rossel's AN.
PMID: 513479
Kardiologiia. 1979 Dec;19(12):93-8.

The activity of some blood hormones was determined by radioimmune analysis in 58 patients with chronic ischemic heart disease (CIHD), 60 patients with myocardial infarction (MI) and in 24 practically healthy individuals. Increased activity of pituitary hormones (ACTH and...

[Disorders of cardiac rhythm in chronic alcoholics].


Miasnikov LA, Pavlov VM, Vinogradov AV, Glukhova PA, Charyev L.
PMID: 46936
Kardiologiia. 1975 Jan;15(1):92-7.

The friquency and type of cardiac rhythm and conduction disturbances were studied in 200 patients with chronic alcoholism. Attention was payed to the character and duration of dipsomania. Patients with a long abuse period were shown to have auricular...

[Assessment of the dimensions and dynamics of the necrosis zone in acute myocardial infarct].


Gvatua NA, Aleksandrova LA, Kravtsov VL, Petrukhin VA, Popov AA.
PMID: 502163
Kardiologiia. 1979 Oct;19(10):22-6.

In 165 patients with myocardial infarction admitted to the clinic within the first 24 hours of the disease, the size of the zone of affection and its dynamics in the immediate 4--5 days were appraised. Three methods were used...

[Study of the effect of various intermediate products and enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism on erythrocyte aggregation].


Lakin KM, Ovnatanova MS.
PMID: 226765
Kardiologiia. 1979 Aug;19(8):114-6.

The effect of some substances on the aggregation of red blood cells induced by gamma-globulin and fibrinogen was studied in vitro. Fructose 1,6-diphosphate, glucose 6-phosphate, glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase, insulin and prostaglandin E1 inhibited aggregation of red cells. Glucose, glucose 1,6-phosphate...

[Myocardial scintigraphy with pyrophosphate-99mTc in transitory myocardial ischemia in chronic ischemic heart disease].


Eventov AZ, Kramer AA, Grigor'iants RA.
PMID: 226767
Kardiologiia. 1979 Sep;19(9):59-63.

Scintigraphy of the myocardium with pyrophosphate-99mTc was used in the examination of 45 patients with chronic ischemic heart disease and 3 patients with vegetovascular dystonia. A direct dependence of the character of the scintigram on the anginous attack was...

[Electroimpulse treatment of auricular fibrillation and maintainance therapy].


Bogeslovskiĭ VA.
PMID: 235034
Kardiologiia. 1975 Jan;15(1):150-5.

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