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ProMetIS, deep phenotyping of mouse models by combined proteomics and metabolomics analysis.

Imbert A, Rompais M, Selloum M, Castelli F, Mouton-Barbosa E, Brandolini-Bunlon M, Chu-Van E, Joly C, Hirschler A, Roger P, Burger T, Leblanc S, Sorg T, Ouzia S, Vandenbrouck Y, Médigue C, Junot C, Ferro M, Pujos-Guillot E, de Peredo AG, Fenaille F, Carapito C, Herault Y, Thévenot EA.
PMID: 34862403
Sci Data. 2021 Dec 03;8(1):311. doi: 10.1038/s41597-021-01095-3.

Genes are pleiotropic and getting a better knowledge of their function requires a comprehensive characterization of their mutants. Here, we generated multi-level data combining phenomic, proteomic and metabolomic acquisitions from plasma and liver tissues of two C57BL/6 N mouse...

Chromosome-scale assembly and high-density genetic map of the yellow drum, Nibea albiflora.

Xu D, Zhang W, Chen R, Song H, Tian L, Tan P, Wang L, Zhu Q, Wu B, Lou B, Min J, Zhou J.
PMID: 34654820
Sci Data. 2021 Oct 15;8(1):268. doi: 10.1038/s41597-021-01045-z.

The yellow drum (Nibea albiflora) is an economically important sciaenid fish in East Asian countries. In this study, we sequenced and assembled a near-complete gynogenetic yellow drum genome. We generated 45.63 Gb of Illumina short-reads and 80.27 Gb of...

An open science resource for establishing reliability and reproducibility in functional connectomics.

Zuo XN, Anderson JS, Bellec P, Birn RM, Biswal BB, Blautzik J, Breitner JC, Buckner RL, Calhoun VD, Castellanos FX, Chen A, Chen B, Chen J, Chen X, Colcombe SJ, Courtney W, Craddock RC, Di Martino A, Dong HM, Fu X, Gong Q, Gorgolewski KJ, Han Y, He Y, He Y, Ho E, Holmes A, Hou XH, Huckins J, Jiang T, Jiang Y, Kelley W, Kelly C, King M, LaConte SM, Lainhart JE, Lei X, Li HJ, Li K, Li K, Lin Q, Liu D, Liu J, Liu X, Liu Y, Lu G, Lu J, Luna B, Luo J, Lurie D, Mao Y, Margulies DS, Mayer AR, Meindl T, Meyerand ME, Nan W, Nielsen JA, O'Connor D, Paulsen D, Prabhakaran V, Qi Z, Qiu J, Shao C, Shehzad Z, Tang W, Villringer A, Wang H, Wang K, Wei D, Wei GX, Weng XC, Wu X, Xu T, Yang N, Yang Z, Zang YF, Zhang L, Zhang Q, Zhang Z, Zhang Z, Zhao K, Zhen Z, Zhou Y, Zhu XT, Milham MP.
PMID: 25977800
Sci Data. 2014 Dec 09;1:140049. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2014.49. eCollection 2014.

Efforts to identify meaningful functional imaging-based biomarkers are limited by the ability to reliably characterize inter-individual differences in human brain function. Although a growing number of connectomics-based measures are reported to have moderate to high test-retest reliability, the variability...

Open-access quantitative MRI data of the spinal cord and reproducibility across participants, sites and manufacturers.

Cohen-Adad J, Alonso-Ortiz E, Abramovic M, Arneitz C, Atcheson N, Barlow L, Barry RL, Barth M, Battiston M, Büchel C, Budde M, Callot V, Combes AJE, De Leener B, Descoteaux M, de Sousa PL, Dostál M, Doyon J, Dvorak A, Eippert F, Epperson KR, Epperson KS, Freund P, Finsterbusch J, Foias A, Fratini M, Fukunaga I, Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott CAM, Germani G, Gilbert G, Giove F, Gros C, Grussu F, Hagiwara A, Henry PG, Horák T, Hori M, Joers J, Kamiya K, Karbasforoushan H, Keřkovský M, Khatibi A, Kim JW, Kinany N, Kitzler HH, Kolind S, Kong Y, Kudlička P, Kuntke P, Kurniawan ND, Kusmia S, Labounek R, Laganà MM, Laule C, Law CS, Lenglet C, Leutritz T, Liu Y, Llufriu S, Mackey S, Martinez-Heras E, Mattera L, Nestrasil I, O'Grady KP, Papinutto N, Papp D, Pareto D, Parrish TB, Pichiecchio A, Prados F, Rovira À, Ruitenberg MJ, Samson RS, Savini G, Seif M, Seifert AC, Smith AK, Smith SA, Smith ZA, Solana E, Suzuki Y, Tackley G, Tinnermann A, Valošek J, Van De Ville D, Yiannakas MC, Weber Ii KA, Weiskopf N, Wise RG, Wyss PO, Xu J.
PMID: 34400655
Sci Data. 2021 Aug 16;8(1):219. doi: 10.1038/s41597-021-00941-8.

In a companion paper by Cohen-Adad et al. we introduce the spine generic quantitative MRI protocol that provides valuable metrics for assessing spinal cord macrostructural and microstructural integrity. This protocol was used to acquire a single subject dataset across...

Systematic chemical-genetic and chemical-chemical interaction datasets for prediction of compound synergism.

Wildenhain J, Spitzer M, Dolma S, Jarvik N, White R, Roy M, Griffiths E, Bellows DS, Wright GD, Tyers M.
PMID: 27874849
Sci Data. 2016 Nov 22;3:160095. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2016.95.

The network structure of biological systems suggests that effective therapeutic intervention may require combinations of agents that act synergistically. However, a dearth of systematic chemical combination datasets have limited the development of predictive algorithms for chemical synergism. Here, we...

Dataset of eye disease-related proteins analyzed using the unfolding mutation screen.

McCafferty CL, Sergeev YV.
PMID: 27922631
Sci Data. 2016 Dec 06;3:160112. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2016.112.

A number of genetic diseases are a result of missense mutations in protein structure. These mutations can lead to severe protein destabilization and misfolding. The unfolding mutation screen (UMS) is a computational method that calculates unfolding propensities for every...

Whole-exome and whole-transcriptome sequencing of canine mammary gland tumors.

Kim KK, Seung BJ, Kim D, Park HM, Lee S, Song DW, Lee G, Cheong JH, Nam H, Sur JH, Kim S.
PMID: 31413331
Sci Data. 2019 Aug 14;6(1):147. doi: 10.1038/s41597-019-0149-8.

Studies of naturally occurring cancers in dogs, which share many genetic and environmental factors with humans, provide valuable information as a comparative model for studying the mechanisms of human cancer pathogenesis. While individual and small-scale studies of canine cancers...

SCSPOD14, a South China Sea physical oceanographic dataset derived from in situ measurements during 1919-2014.

Zeng L, Wang D, Chen J, Wang W, Chen R.
PMID: 27116565
Sci Data. 2016 Apr 26;3:160029. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2016.29.

In addition to the oceanographic data available for the South China Sea (SCS) from the World Ocean Database (WOD) and Array for Real-time Geostrophic Oceanography (Argo) floats, a suite of observations has been made by the South China Sea...

Showing 1369 to 1376 of 1376 entries