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Association between the D2 dopamine receptor gene and alcoholism. A continuing controversy.

Conneally PM.
PMID: 1883261
Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1991 Aug;48(8):757-9. doi: 10.1001/archpsyc.1991.01810320081013.

No abstract available.

Counting sectioned cells via mathematical reconstruction.

Rose RD, Rohrlich D.
PMID: 3047184
J Comp Neurol. 1988 Jun 22;272(4):365-86.

A new method for determining the number of neurons in sectioned tissue is presented. The method does not involve identification of subcellular structures; rather, it uses estimates of the mean diameters of sections of the neuronal somata (with or...

[Intracavitary electrophysiology in children with loss of consciousness caused by vagotonia].

Ardura J, Bermejo J, Andrés JM, Jimeno F.
PMID: 3632769
Rev Esp Cardiol. 1987 Jan-Feb;40(1):41-3.

No abstract available.

[Treatment with bromperidol in schizophrenic patients].

Ellerman LA.
PMID: 2634329
Acta Psiquiatr Psicol Am Lat. 1989 Jan-Jun;35(1):23-30.

The antipsychotic action, and undesirable effects of Bromperidol were examined over a 3-month period on an open clinical trial with 33 schizophrenic patients. Bromperidol was administered at an initial dose of 2.5 to 10 mg once a day. The...

Corticotropin induced synthesis of the cholesterol desmolase enzymatic complex in cultured adrenal cortex cells.

Bogusz E, Trzeciak WH.
PMID: 1665670
Acta Biochim Pol. 1991;38(1):211-4.
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Basing on the use of highly specific antibodies it has been proved that ACTH induces synthesis of cytochrome P-450 and adrenodoxin in cultured adrenal cortex cells.

A comparative bioavailability of 2 oral solid phenytoin dosage forms.

Naik D, Morton DJ.
PMID: 2605620
Cent Afr J Med. 1989 Apr;35(4):384-8.

The comparative bioavailability of two phenytoin products, Phenytoin Sodium (CAPS (Pvt) Ltd) and Epanutin (Parke-Davis (Pty) Ltd) was studied. Single dose studies carried out in eight healthy volunteers showed that CAPS Phenytoin exhibited a small but significantly higher bioavailability...

Characterization of binding proteins from ovarian carcinoma and kidney tubule cells that are specific for cisplatin modified DNA.

Andrews PA, Jones JA.
PMID: 2001331
Cancer Commun. 1991 Mar;3(3):93-102. doi: 10.3727/095535491820873524.

We have detected proteins in nuclear extracts from ovarian carcinoma cells and kidney tubule cells that bind specifically to platinated DNA. A 123-bp restriction fragment was platinated with cisplatin (DDP) to a formal molar platinum to nucleotide ratio of...

The IgM-associated protein mb-1 as a marker of normal and neoplastic B cells.

Mason DY, Cordell JL, Tse AG, van Dongen JJ, van Noesel CJ, Micklem K, Pulford KA, Valensi F, Comans-Bitter WM, Borst J.
PMID: 1747162
J Immunol. 1991 Dec 01;147(11):2474-82.

Recent evidence indicates that the transmembrane form of IgM on murine and human B lymphocytes is physically associated with at least two proteins, forming a disulfide-linked dimer, which may control cell surface expression of IgM and also play a...

The human-figure drawing in the treatment of an autistic adolescent.

Seifert CD.
PMID: 3067985
Child Psychiatry Hum Dev. 1988;19(1):74-81. doi: 10.1007/BF00713737.

No abstract available.

Osteoarthrosis of the ankle joints in old rats.

Mohr W, Lehmann H.
PMID: 1574936
Z Rheumatol. 1992 Jan-Feb;51(1):35-40.

The paper describes results of histological investigations on 26-month-old rats with osteoarthrosis of the ankle joints. From the morphological appearance a sequence of alterations from focal chondrocytic necroses, fibrillation to partial or total cartilage loss occurred. The reported changes...

Regulation of FSH beta messenger ribonucleic acid levels in the rat by endogenous inhibin.

Attardi B, Vaughan J, Vale W.
PMID: 1727723
Endocrinology. 1992 Jan;130(1):557-9. doi: 10.1210/endo.130.1.1727723.

This study investigated the role of endogenous inhibin in regulating FSH beta mRNA levels subsequent to the gonadotropin surge in the immature, estradiol (E2)-treated female rat. Rats which undergo FSH surges on day 29 have low to undetectable levels...

Bacterial translocation from the gastrointestinal tract.

Berg RD.
PMID: 2249404
Compr Ther. 1990 Oct;16(10):8-15.

No abstract available.

Showing 25 to 36 of 1621 entries