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Neurol Neurocir Psiquiatr. 1975;16(3):207-13.

[Treatment and prognosis of childhood psychoses].

Neurologia, neurocirugia, psiquiatria

[Article in Spanish]
G Katz Guss

PMID: 1052705


Over the years, a wide range of treatment efforts have been made with these patients in a variety of clinical settings. Review of the data indicates that, in general, a probing, interpretative approach has led to increased anxiety, aggravation of symptoms and deterioration of adaptation. A practical, forthright, supportive approach with parents along with ego-supportive therapy for the patient that includes special education and appropriate recreational and work activities has been most effective. In those cases in which withdrawal into mutism and only sensuous play has occured by the age of 5 years response to treatment has been minimal. Periodic separation from the family is often indicated for both, patient and family.

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