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Biokhimiia. 1977 Jun;42(6):1024-9.

[Fluorescent properties of b-type ferredoxins].

Biokhimiia (Moscow, Russia)

[Article in Russian]
S S Mardanian, Iu M Demin, R M Nalbandian

PMID: 19104


Fluroescent spectra of six b-type ferredoxins of plant and animal origins were obtained. All investigated proteins do not contain tryptophan. The emission maxima of the native proteins, apoproteins prepared by various methods, and denaturated proteins are compared. The effects of pH, ionic strength and ferricyanide on the ferredoxins fluorescence were studied. "Unusual" emission at 340nm noted previously for adrenal ferredoxin was observed for spinach and Chenopodium album ferredoxins too. The localization of tyrosine fluorescent maximum at 340nm in the ferredoxins is not due to interaction of tyrosine with the iron-sulfur center. The data obtained allow to suggest that the tyrosine residues in ferredoxins have different environments.

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