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Chemioterapia. 1986 Dec;5(6):411-3.

Evaluation of the cochleovestibular function in patients treated with carboplatin for ovarian carcinoma.

Chemioterapia : international journal of the Mediterranean Society of Chemotherapy

N Ragni, G Foglia, M Ruvolo, P Repetto, G Cordone, M Madaro, S Chiara, M Bruzzone

PMID: 3542253


Carboplatin (JM8), a new cisdiamminodichloroplatin (CDDP) analogue, has exhibited the same antitumor as CDDP. In our pilot study, aiming at optimizing the dosage of this drug in a combination regimen with other chemotherapics, we planned to evaluate the existence of drug related damage on cochleo-vestibular structures. The study was performed on 9 patients suffering from advanced ovarian carcinoma. The results obtained in our study showed that patients undergoing carboplatin chemotherapy do not require an audiometric check-up. In order to assess definitely the existence of vestibular toxicity of this drug, larger studies planned to test JM8 in a high-dosage regimen are desirable.


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