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J Virol. 1986 Jan;57(1):357-61. doi: 10.1128/JVI.57.1.357-361.1986.

Analysis of pp60c-src protein kinase activity in hamster embryo cells transformed by simian virus 40, human adenoviruses, and bovine papillomavirus 1.

Journal of virology

S Amini, A M Lewis, M A Israel, J S Butel, J B Bolen

PMID: 2416954 PMCID: PMC252736 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.57.1.357-361.1986
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We have examined the effect of DNA tumor virus transformation of primary hamster embryo cells on the tyrosyl kinase activity of pp60c-src. Our present study demonstrates that some clones of hamster embryo cells transformed by simian virus 40, adenovirus type 2, adenovirus type 12, or bovine papillomavirus 1 can possess elevated pp60c-src kinase activity when compared with normal hamster embryo cells. However, other clones of hamster embryo cells transformed by these same viruses were found to have normal levels of pp60c-src kinase activity. In those clones of transformed cells where pp60c-src kinase activity was elevated, the increased levels of kinase activity were the result of an apparent increase in the specific activity of the pp60c-src phosphotransferase rather than an increase in the amount of the src gene product. Additionally, pp60c-src was not found to be physically associated with tumor antigens known to be encoded by these viruses. These results indicate that elevated levels of pp60c-src kinase activity can be found in hamster embryo cells transformed by several different DNA tumor viruses and suggest that the molecular mechanism by which pp60c-src kinase activity is elevated may differ from that previously observed in polyomavirus-transformed cells. These results also imply that elevation of pp60c-src kinase activity is not required for the transformation of hamster cells by these viruses.


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