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Cleft Palate J. 1979 Apr;16(2):177-82.

Cognitive, self-concept, and body image measures of normal, cleft palate, and obese adolescents.

The Cleft palate journal

H T Brantley, E Clifford

PMID: 284867


Using discriminant function analyses, this study attempted to establish linear combinations of variables that would identify group membership correctly. Groups of normal (N = 100), cleft palate (N = 51), and obese (N = 22) adolescents responded to measures of cognitive sytle and structure, body image, and self-concept. Linear combinations of congitive measures were not effective in differentiating group membership. Body image measures, in combination, clearly distinguished obese adolescents from the other two groups. A linear combination of self-concept measures differentiated adolescents with clefts from normals, with the former group having a pattern of higher self-esteem and lower perceived acceptability by their parents.

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