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Pol Tyg Lek. 1991 Jan 7-14;46(1):53-4.

[Measurement of hypertension in infants with sphygmomanometer-S].

[Article in Polish]
A Sapiński, T Swiecicka-Konarska, A Perkowska, A Zynda, S Bednarz


  1. Oddzia?u Noworodkowego Specjalistycznego ZOZ nad Matka i Dzieckiem, Poznaniu.

PMID: 1845669


Hundred sixty four measurements of the arterial blood pressure were performed in 53 newborns aged between 1 and 9 days. sphygmomanometer-S used for this purpose is a microcomputer which measures arterial blood pressure basing on the amplitude of the registered pulse waves. Obtained results of the systolic and mean blood pressure values were comparable with those reported by other authors whereas diastolic blood pressure values were somewhat lower.

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