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Oftalmologia. 2003;56(1):27-32.

[Pigmentary tumors of the conjunctiva in children: analysis of surgical decision].

Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania : 1990)

[Article in Romanian]
P I Grecu, A Stefănescu-Dima, Luminiţa Ursea, Cristina Stoica


  1. Spitalul Clinic de Urgen?e Oftalmologice Bucure?ti.

PMID: 12886678


Pigmentary tumors of the conjunctiva are rare in children, but they deserve special attention as, under some circumstances, they can question the quo ad vitam prognosis. The management of these tumors is controversial because the clinical diagnosis is uncertain, not reliable for a long term evolution prognosis. In this study, after a short review of the literature, the authors present their own experience in the field (47 cases during the last 10 years, out of which 18 underwent surgery) and they try to develop an algorithm of surgical decision based on age-related factors, clinical appearance, aesthetic factors and on the possibility of establishing a good relationship with the patient and the family.

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