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Pol J Vet Sci. 2003;6(2):173-6.

Food additives used in meat processing according to the Polish and European Union legislation.

Polish journal of veterinary sciences

J Uradziński, M Weiner


  1. Department of Animal Products Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Warmia and Mazury, Oczapowskiego 14, 10-957 Olsztyn, Poland. [email protected]

PMID: 12817787


This paper presents the legal regulations related to the use of food additives in meat production in Poland and the European Union. The Polish legal definition of food additives is given as well as the classification of permitted food additives added to food and stimulants by their technological function. In addition, a definition of processing aids in the food industry is included. It shows that Polish legislation includes food additives used to ensure or improve food nutritional value, whereas in the EU legislation, these substances are not included in the list of food additives. Moreover, the Council Directives include food additive specific purity criteria, whereas the Polish regulations do not mention the legal regulations of this issue in practice. The European Union use mechanisms and procedures for the introduction of new food additives into internal markets as well as controlling the circulation of additives. The Polish legislation in practice, however, does not determine approval or methods for the introduction of new food additives to the market. Legal regulations on the monitoring of food additives no exist.


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