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Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi. 1998 Sep;34(5):391-2.

[Limbal epithelial autograft transplantation for treatment of pterygium].

[Zhonghua yan ke za zhi] Chinese journal of ophthalmology

[Article in Chinese]
Z Du, D Jiang, A Nie


  1. Department of Ophthalmology, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Hunan Medical University, Changsha 410011.

PMID: 11877236


OBJECTIVE: To observe the therapeutic effects of limbal epithelial autograft transplantation for treatment of pterygium.

METHODS: Limbal epithelial autograft transplantation was performed on 68 cases (76 eyes) with pterygium or its recurrent lesion. The post-operative follow-up periods ranged from 6 to 18 months (mean, 9.8 months).

RESULTS: Of 68 cases (76 eyes), there were 56 cases (62 eyes) with stable epithelial healing, recovery of corneal transparency and no abnormal proliferation of pterygium-like tissue, and 12 cases (14 eyes) loss of follow-up.

CONCLUSION: To provide new stem cell source for injured limbus with limbal epithelial autograft transplantation is a reasonable therapeutic method for treatment of pterygium.

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