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The concurrent use of alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine in British benzodiazepine users as measured by a general population survey.

British journal of addiction

Dunbar GC, Morgan DD, Perera KM.
PMID: 2900034
Br J Addict. 1988 Jun;83(6):689-94. doi: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.1988.tb02599.x.

No abstract available.

A method for the determination of HCl in ambient air at the PPBV level.

Atmospheric environment

Williams KR, Jacobi SA.
PMID: 728244
Atmos Environ. 1978;12(12):2509-10. doi: 10.1016/0004-6981(78)90296-2.

No abstract available.

Who is hyperactive?.

Developmental medicine and child neurology

Bax M.
PMID: 669061
Dev Med Child Neurol. 1978 Jun;20(3):277-8. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8749.1978.tb15218.x.

No abstract available.

Who will pay for PREP?.

Nursing times

[No authors listed]
PMID: 1502074
Nurs Times. 1992 Jul 29-Aug 4;88(31):3.

No abstract available.

ADAS cattle health scheme.

The Veterinary record

Robin GW.
PMID: 2837865
Vet Rec. 1988 Feb 27;122(9):213-4. doi: 10.1136/vr.122.9.213-a.

No abstract available.

Causes of death in children diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma between 1974 and 1985.

Archives of disease in childhood

Robertson CM, Stiller CA, Kingston JE.
PMID: 1471892
Arch Dis Child. 1992 Nov;67(11):1378-83. doi: 10.1136/adc.67.11.1378.
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An investigation has been undertaken of 479 deaths occurring up to the end of 1990 among 883 patients diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from 1974 to 1985 who were included in the population based National Registry of Childhood Tumours. The...

[European training].

Revue de l'infirmiere

Jourdan M.
PMID: 1293719
Rev Infirm. 1992 Dec;42(19):29-33.

No abstract available.

The height and weight changes of Melbourne children compared with other population groups.

Australian paediatric journal

Bowden BD, Johnson J, Ray LJ, Towns J.
PMID: 1022206
Aust Paediatr J. 1976 Dec;12(4):281-95. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1754.1976.tb02517.x.

No abstract available.

Cot deaths in Hong Kong.

Lancet (London, England)

[No authors listed]
PMID: 2868238
Lancet. 1986 Jan 25;1(8474):214.

No abstract available.

Mesmerism: a prelude to anaesthesia.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine

James CD.
PMID: 801840
Proc R Soc Med. 1975 Jul;68(7):446-7.
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No abstract available.

By the London post. More friction in the hospitals--doctors' and nurses' roles--true story.

The New England journal of medicine

Lister J.
PMID: 1110693
N Engl J Med. 1975 Jan 30;292(5):252-4. doi: 10.1056/NEJM197501302920508.

No abstract available.

Pneumocystis carinii infection in foals in the UK.

The Veterinary record

Whitwell K.
PMID: 1502768
Vet Rec. 1992 Jul 04;131(1):19. doi: 10.1136/vr.131.1.19-a.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 238056 entries