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[Clinical application of computed tomography and radioisotope scintigraphy for diagnosing thyroid diseases (author's transl)].

Yoshikawa K, Machida K, Machida T, Furui S, Tasaka A.
PMID: 513340
Rinsho Hoshasen. 1979 Oct;24(11):1325-32.

No abstract available.

[Aspiration cytodiagnosis in thyroid neoplasms].

Olszewski W, Woyke S.
PMID: 754149
Patol Pol. 1978 Oct-Dec;29(4):467-74.

No abstract available.

Primary lymphomas of the thyroid gland.

Sirota DK, Segal RL.
PMID: 480599
JAMA. 1979 Oct 19;242(16):1743-6.

Twelve patients with primary lymphoma of the thyroid gland were reviewed. Based on clinical observations of this group of patients and a review of the literature, a composite clinical picture can be drawn of the patient at high risk...

Medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland.

Shapiro MJ.
PMID: 20013
Am Surg. 1977 Sep;43(9):601-9.

Out of the discovery of concurrent multiple endocrine neoplasms has evolved the concept of multiple endocrine adenomatosis (MEA1 and MEA2). Medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland is the most constant facet of MEA2 and is derived from C-cells of...

ACTH-secreting medullary carcinoma of the thyroid presenting a severe idiopathic osteoporosis and senile purpura: report of a case and review of the literature.

Rosenberg EM, Hahn TJ, Orth DN, Deftos LJ, Tanaka K.
PMID: 233664
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1978 Aug;47(2):255-62. doi: 10.1210/jcem-47-2-255.

A 64-yr-old female presented with severe osteoporosis and easy bruisability of over 2-yr duration. Biopsy of a neck mass revealed medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. Subsequently, lymphangitic pulmonary metastases were demonstrated which had been present radiographically for at least...

Irradiation-related thyroid cancer (continued).

Meckelnburg RL, Whitney LW.
PMID: 849794
Del Med J. 1977 Apr;49(4):201.

No abstract available.

[Concordant medullary thyroid carcinoma in identical twins with discordant phaeochromocytoma (Sipple syndrome) (author's transl)].

Pohl G, Boeckl O, Galvan G, Salis-Samaden R, Steiner H, Thurner J.
PMID: 899022
Wien Klin Wochenschr. 1977 Jul 15;89(14):481-4.

The first case of Sipple syndrome in identical twins is reported. It is concluded that the concordant medullary carcinoma of the thyroid is the result of a germinal mutation, whilst the discordant solitary phaeochromocytoma is caused by a somatic...

An unusual retropharyngeal mass.

Soboroff BJ.
PMID: 855084
Trans Sect Otolaryngol Am Acad Ophthalmol Otolaryngol. 1977 Jan-Feb;84(1):136-8.

No abstract available.

Electronoptical aspects of the thyroid cold nodule.

Taşcă C, Negoescu I, Stefăneanu L, Ionescu N.
PMID: 523946
Endocrinologie. 1979 Oct-Dec;17(4):265-9.

The authors studied the ultrastructure of benign and malignant forms of the thyroid cold nodule. In the benign cold nodule the most striking feature was an irregular endoplasmic reticulum with large cisternae and scarce ribosomes, this meaning an impaired...

[Diagnostic value of thermography and Tc 99m bleomycin scintigraphy for nodules of the thyroid (author's transl)].

Chatal JF, Chabay C, Weber J, Vasseur E, Guihard D.
PMID: 73586
J Radiol Electrol Med Nucl. 1977 Aug-Sep;58(8):519-24.

The combined interest of thermography and 99mTc Bleomycin scintigraphy in the differential diagnosis of a cold thyroid nodule was evaluated in 86 patients. In all cases a histological examination was performed. Of the 30 malignant nodules (clinically suspect and...

A kinetic study of [131I] iodide and [99mTc] pertechnetate in thyroid carcinoma to explain a scan discrepancy: case report.

O'Connor MK, Cullen MJ, Malone JF.
PMID: 874166
J Nucl Med. 1977 Aug;18(8):796-8.
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A study of unusual 1-131 and [99mTc] pertechnetate kinetics was carried out in a case of thyroid carcinoma. A major discrepancy in the handling of iodide, probably resulting from a deficient iodine organification process, was shown.

Thyroid and associated polyglandular neoplasms in patients who received head and neck irradiation during childhood.

Katz AD.
PMID: 263113
Head Neck Surg. 1979 May-Jun;1(5):417-22. doi: 10.1002/hed.2890010506.

One hundred fifty-one patients with a history of childhood irradiation to the head, neck, and thorax had neck explorations (142 for "cold" thyroid nodules and 9 for hypercalcemia). Fifty-nine of the patients had thyroid carcinoma, and associated glandular tumors...

Showing 1 to 12 of 9899 entries