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[Training of supervisors for sports for the disabled (author's transl)].

Uihlein H, Zalfen W.
PMID: 146898
Rehabilitation (Stuttg). 1978 Feb;17(1):50-2.

There are only a few qualified supervisors for sports for the mentally handicapped although they are greatly needed. The Deutsche Caritasverband (association of German catholic welfare organisations) has now developed a training programme for sports supervisors which follows the...

[The course on medical physics].

Remizov AN.
PMID: 1762540
Med Tekh. 1991 Sep-Oct;(5):40-2.

The definition of medical physics is given, the main directions of the course are described, and some practical examples are provided. Analysis is made of the status of the problem concerned with teaching medical physics.

Schedules for residents in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Sterling HM.
PMID: 5916042
Am J Phys Med. 1966 Aug;45(4):181-2.

No abstract available.

The basic science program in residency training for physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Gersten JW.
PMID: 5916043
Am J Phys Med. 1966 Aug;45(4):183-5.

No abstract available.

Teaching disability and rehabilitation to medical students. Steering Group on Medical Education and Disability.

Kahtan S, Inman C, Haines A, Holland P.
PMID: 7845257
Med Educ. 1994 Sep;28(5):386-93. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2923.1994.tb02549.x.

A survey of UK medical schools was undertaken to determine the teaching that was being offered on disability and rehabilitation. In general, teaching on this topic appeared fragmented and inadequate but a number of interesting innovations were identified. These...

Rehabilitation in medical education.

Fleming WC.
PMID: 5648701
South Med J. 1968 May;61(5):523-5. doi: 10.1097/00007611-196805000-00018.

No abstract available.

Clinical assignments for residents in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Redford JB.
PMID: 5916051
Am J Phys Med. 1966 Aug;45(4):202-4.

No abstract available.

Training program in rehabilitation medicine for career physicians in state mental hospitals.

Austin E, McBride EJ, Rodriguez MJ, Kaufman EN.
PMID: 5696795
Rehabil Lit. 1968 Nov;29(11):332-4.

No abstract available.

A one-week rotation in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Katz RT, Sutin J, Keen M, Betts HB.
PMID: 3625744
J Med Educ. 1987 Sep;62(9):769-71. doi: 10.1097/00001888-198709000-00012.

No abstract available.

An approach to interdisciplinary undergraduate medical education.

Johnson EW, Hamilton K, Keller MD.
PMID: 5581033
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1971 May;52(5):220-2.

No abstract available.

Education in geriatrics in physical medicine residency training programs.

Steinberg FU.
PMID: 6691802
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1984 Jan;65(1):8-10.

The number of aged persons in the United States is rising steadily. Rehabilitation medicine is becoming increasingly involved in providing the care necessary to keep aging individuals in good health so that the onset of late life disability can...

Interfaculty research-training crossover an experiment in medical education.

Palmer JD, O'Leary JP, Sterling HM.
PMID: 6074445
J Med Educ. 1967 Dec;42(12):1096-100. doi: 10.1097/00001888-196712000-00004.

No abstract available.

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