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The vulnerable child: new evidence, new approaches.

Advances in pediatrics

Boyce WT.
PMID: 1442310
Adv Pediatr. 1992;39:1-33.

No abstract available.

The difficulties and costs of ethical assessment of a national research project.

The New Zealand medical journal

Dockerty JD, Elwood M.
PMID: 1501815
N Z Med J. 1992 Aug 12;105(939):311-3.

In 1990 we applied to the 14 area health board ethical committees for approval of a national study of childhood cancer. All the committees approved the study, but the process was time consuming and costly. The times taken for...

Mandarin-speaking aged Chineses in the Los Angeles area.

The Gerontologist

Wu FY.
PMID: 1140587
Gerontologist. 1975 Jun;15(3):271-5. doi: 10.1093/geront/15.3.271.

No abstract available.

[Family therapy for juvenile problems].

Duodecim; laaketieteellinen aikakauskirja

Varilo E.
PMID: 590137
Duodecim. 1977;93(12):872-82.

No abstract available.

Physically disabled parents and their normal children: assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.

Holistic nursing practice

Hanna DV, Edwards PA.
PMID: 2961779
Holist Nurs Pract. 1988 Feb;2(2):38-47. doi: 10.1097/00004650-198802020-00008.

No abstract available.

The child with cancer: patterns of communication and denial.

Journal of consulting and clinical psychology

Spinetta JJ, Maloney LJ.
PMID: 730918
J Consult Clin Psychol. 1978 Dec;46(6):1540-1. doi: 10.1037//0022-006x.46.6.1540.

No abstract available.

Failure to thrive/growth deficiency.

Pediatrics in review

Bithoney WG, Dubowitz H, Egan H.
PMID: 1293573
Pediatr Rev. 1992 Dec;13(12):453-60.

No abstract available.

The Three Faces of Evelyn: a case report. IV. A postscript to "The Three Faces of Evelyn.".

Journal of abnormal psychology

Luria Z, Osgood CE.
PMID: 932314
J Abnorm Psychol. 1976 Jun;85(3):276-86.

No abstract available.

Convergent recall of parental behaviors in depressed students of different racial groups.

Journal of clinical psychology

Lamont J, Gottlieb H.
PMID: 1112907
J Clin Psychol. 1975 Jan;31(1):9-11. doi: 10.1002/1097-4679(197501)31:1<9::aid-jclp2270310103>3.0.co;2-6.

No abstract available.

Use of blood glucose data by families of children and adolescents with IDDM.

Diabetes care

Wysocki T, Hough BS, Ward KM, Allen AA, Murgai N.
PMID: 1505307
Diabetes Care. 1992 Aug;15(8):1041-4. doi: 10.2337/diacare.15.8.1041.

OBJECTIVE: Prospective evaluation of the use of blood glucose test results for treatment actions by families of youth with IDDM.RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Forty-seven patients with IDDM used reflectance meters with memory for SMBG for 28 days. Parents kept...

Research on family dynamics: clinical implications for the family of the borderline adolescent.

Adolescent psychiatry

Shapiro ER.
PMID: 742679
Adolesc Psychiatry. 1978;6:360-76.

No abstract available.

The adolescent borderline grows up.

Adolescent psychiatry

Ransohoff R.
PMID: 742682
Adolesc Psychiatry. 1978;6:409-19.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 34992 entries