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[Von Recklinghausen's peripheral neurofibromatosis (report of a case with malignant degeneration)].

Chirurgia italiana

Colombo C, Zardini R, Driussi A, Faccioli G, Pinamonte M.
PMID: 3149917
Chir Ital. 1988 Aug-Oct;40(4):345-52.

The communication of a case of peripheric neurofibromatosis of Von Recklinghausen with malignant degeneration helps us to underline the importance of the follow-up as the best system to prevent these negative cases and to allow a best and longer...

Axial and peripheral skeletal features of von Recklinghausen's disease in the African.

Journal of the National Medical Association

Ijaduola GT, Ademiluyi SA, Olaloye OA, Olarewaju DA.
PMID: 3150463
J Natl Med Assoc. 1988 Nov;80(11):1205-7.

A study of axial and peripheral skeletal features of von Recklinghausen's disease in 26 Nigerian African adults has been carried out. Widened intervertebral foramina were the commonest lesions in the axial skeleton of these patients. They occurred in 24...

The myth of six café-au-lait spots in the peripheral form of neurofibromatosis.


Goodman RM, Tiron A, Katznelson AB, Zehavi C, Romano A, Levine G.
PMID: 3152529
Neurofibromatosis. 1988;1(1):54.

No abstract available.

Neurofibromatosis and associated neuroectodermal tumors: a congenital neurocristopathy.

Pediatric pathology

Qualman SJ, Green WR, Brovall C, Leventhal BG.
PMID: 3014462
Pediatr Pathol. 1986;5(1):65-78. doi: 10.3109/15513818609068849.

The synchronous occurrence of neurofibromatosis and neuroblastoma has been labeled in the recent literature as a chance event. We report 2 cases of newborn infants with congenital neurofibromatosis and a similar midline pattern of multiple Schwann cell and neuroblastic...

Bilateral internal auditory canal enlargement without acoustic nerve tumor in von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis.


Kitamura K, Senba T, Komatsuzaki A.
PMID: 2517023
Neurofibromatosis. 1989;2(1):47-52.

The common (and definitive) intracranial tumors in patients with one form of neurofibromatosis (NF), bilateral acoustic NF (NF-2), are bilateral acoustic neuromas. In this study, we present 2 cases with what appears to be another form of NF, namely,...

[Congenital soft tissue dysplasia. A new anatomo-clinical entity].

Chirurgie; memoires de l'Academie de chirurgie

Pellerin D, Martelli H, Latouche X, Gasnier F.
PMID: 3013512
Chirurgie. 1985;111(8):667-76.

No abstract available.

[Macroglossia neurofibromatosa].

Ugeskrift for laeger

Pless J, Roed-Petersen K, Nielsen K.
PMID: 402727
Ugeskr Laeger. 1977 Mar;139(11):655-7.

No abstract available.

Neurofibromatosis with central neurofibroma of the mandible: review of the literature and report of case.

Journal of oral surgery (American Dental Association : 1965)

Lorson EL, DeLong PE, Osbon DB, Dolan KD.
PMID: 407340
J Oral Surg. 1977 Sep;35(9):733-8.

The clinical, radiographic, and etiological factors of neurofibromatosis have been discussed. A rare case of a large neurofibroma of the mandible in association with systemic neurofibromatosis and a characteristic mandibular dysplasia has been presented. The unique coexistence of mandibular...

Café-au-lait spots of the fundus in neurofibromatosis.

Archives of ophthalmology (Chicago, Ill. : 1960)

Cotlier E.
PMID: 411462
Arch Ophthalmol. 1977 Nov;95(11):1990-2. doi: 10.1001/archopht.1977.04450110084007.

Mild pigmentary changes found in the fundi of two patients with neurofibromatosis, resembled café-au-lait spots homologous with skin manifestations of the disease. In one, associated retinal hamartomas were present. The café-au-lait lesions were clinically distinct from previously reported uveal...

[The iris in von Recklinghausen's disease (author's transl)].

Klinika oczna

Bartkowska-Orlowska M, Orlowski WJ, Przybyl-Ereńska K.
PMID: 412004
Klin Oczna. 1977 Oct;47(10):439-42.

No abstract available.

[Von Recklinghousen's disease. Apropos of 16 cases].

Actas dermo-sifiliograficas

de Dulanto F, Amijo Moreno M, Naranjo Sintes R, Camacho Martínez F.
PMID: 808952
Actas Dermosifiliogr. 1975 May-Jun;66(5):279-92.

No abstract available.

[Qualitative and quantitative data on melanocytes in neurofibromatosis (author's transl)].

Nihon Hifuka Gakkai zasshi. The Japanese journal of dermatology

Terayama I.
PMID: 810608
Nihon Hifuka Gakkai Zasshi. 1975 Jun;85(7):395-403.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 2494 entries