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Cancer care and prospective payment: primum non nocere.

Greene FL.
PMID: 3095587
J S C Med Assoc. 1986 Sep;82(9):597.

No abstract available.

[Prolonged administration of morphine via the intrathecal route].

Gestin Y, Pere N, Solassol C, Stapf P.
PMID: 3838916
Cah Anesthesiol. 1985 Jan-Feb;33(1):47-9.

No abstract available.

Therapeutic and diagnostic uses of modified monoclonal antibodies.

Brady LW, Woo DV, Heindel ND, Markoe AM, Koprowski H.
PMID: 3305445
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 1987 Oct;13(10):1535-44. doi: 10.1016/0360-3016(87)90322-1.

No abstract available.

Is there another approach to cancer therapy?--Workshop on suppression of the malignant phenotype.

Stansly PG.
PMID: 1131826
Cancer Res. 1975 Jun;35(6):1599-600.
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No abstract available.

Common tumors.

Diao E, Moy OJ.
PMID: 1309601
Orthop Clin North Am. 1992 Jan;23(1):187-96.

Common tumors of the hand and upper extremity are, by definition, benign conditions. There is a predictable pattern of occurrence and presentation for many of these lesions. The practitioner should always bear in mind, however, that any tumor that...

[Psychological implications of cancer. II. Consequences of treatment and modality of adaptation].

Zittoun R, Ruszniewski M.
PMID: 3219421
Bull Cancer. 1988;75(10):949-55.

The psychological adaptation of the patient to neoplastic disease is based on various mechanisms related to the patient's personality, psychological resources, as well as to the available familial and social support. The various members of the care team play...

The effects of thymic epithelial monolayer-conditioned medium on suppressor cell function following chemotherapy in pediatric patients.

Borzy MS, Ridgway D.
PMID: 3157439
Cancer Immunol Immunother. 1985;19(2):154-7. doi: 10.1007/BF00199725.

Human thymic epithelial monolayer-conditioned medium (TEM-CM) enhanced concanavalin A (ConA)-induced suppressor T-lymphocyte activity in 15 of 17 studies of fractionated light-density bone marrow mononuclear cells (LD-BMMC) obtained from pediatric cancer patients within 7 days of chemotherapy (P less than...

A response to a purported ethical difficulty with randomized clinical trials involving cancer patients.

Freedman B.
PMID: 1392047
J Clin Ethics. 1992;3(3):231-4.

No abstract available.

Monitoring human tumor response to therapy by means of P-31 MR spectroscopy.

Semmler W, Gademann G, Bachert-Baumann P, Zabel HJ, Lorenz WJ, van Kaick G.
PMID: 3336731
Radiology. 1988 Feb;166(2):533-9. doi: 10.1148/radiology.166.2.3336731.

Tumors in 23 patients were studied by means of in vivo phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy. In five patients, the response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy was monitored in a long-term follow-up study. In one patient, the P-31 MR...

Idiotypic-antiidiotypic interactions in man.

Geha RS.
PMID: 3158061
Ric Clin Lab. 1985 Jan-Mar;15(1):1-8. doi: 10.1007/BF03029155.

Anti-idiotypic (anti-Id) antibodies are directed against antigenic determinants expressed by the antigen-binding region of the immunoglobulin molecules. Their interaction with antigen receptors on immune cells modulates the immune response. In man auto-anti-Id antibodies have been demonstrated. These antibodies not...

[The physics of heating and temperature measurement].

Saito M.
PMID: 3729452
Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 1986 Apr;13(4):1343-7.

Among various kinds of phenomena involved in hyperthermic treatment, heating and temperature measurement are essentially simple physical phenomena, which appear complicated due to the complex structure of the body. The key to successful treatment lies in the clinician's knowledge...

[Electrocardiographic and hemodynamic changes during systemic hyperthermia (42 degrees C)].

Yokoyama M, Wada J, Nakajima H, Saitoh M.
PMID: 3729456
Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 1986 Apr;13(4):1366-71.

During systemic hyperthermia (42 degrees C), depression of ST segments or T wave changes in the left precordial leads were noticed in 56% of patients, and 29% of cases showed right bundle branch block. Supraventricular tachycardia was found in...

Showing 1 to 12 of 69703 entries