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The privatization of health care and physicians' perceptions of access to hospital services.

The Milbank quarterly

Schlesinger M, Bentkover J, Blumenthal D, Musacchio R, Willer J.
PMID: 3299033
Milbank Q. 1987;65(1):25-58.

Health care in the United States is increasingly delivered by for-profit providers, by multi-facility corporations, and under conditions of price-based competition. The joint influence of these three trends is examined through data drawn from a 1984 survey of physicians...

Comparison of efficiency and profitability of investor-owned multihospital systems with not-for-profit hospitals.

Health care management review

Sear AM.
PMID: 1905279
Health Care Manage Rev. 1991;16(2):31-7. doi: 10.1097/00004010-199101620-00007.

It is often assumed that investor-owned hospitals are more market driven than are not-for-profit hospitals, and that they will maximize output and minimize inputs, to the exclusion of other management strategies. To resolve the conflicting research evidence, this study...

Multis sweep cash, boost investment income.


Solovy AT.
PMID: 3338784
Hospitals. 1988 Mar 05;62(5):74-5.

No abstract available.

Deadlines loom for new tax-reform regulations.


Shahoda T.
PMID: 3770692
Hospitals. 1986 Nov 20;60(22):38, 40.

No abstract available.

AmHS (American Healthcare Systems) to pay dividend, reduce shareholder dues.


Solovy AT.
PMID: 3391578
Hospitals. 1988 Aug 05;62(15):68.

No abstract available.

Independent versus system-affiliated hospitals: a comparative analysis of financial performance, cost, and productivity.

Health services research

Levitz GS, Brooke PP.
PMID: 4019214
Health Serv Res. 1985 Aug;20(3):315-39.
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This article analyzes differences in the financial performance, cost, and productivity between system-affiliated and independent hospitals. Data for the study were obtained from the 1981 American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey of Hospitals for the State of Iowa and...

Illinois denies tax exemptions to subsidiaries.


Holthaus D.
PMID: 3371940
Hospitals. 1988 Jun 05;62(11):57.

No abstract available.

Multis channel '87 budgets into capital plans.


Shahoda T.
PMID: 3804265
Hospitals. 1987 Feb 05;61(3):69-70.

No abstract available.

The future of multihospital systems.

Topics in health care financing

Kaiser LR.
PMID: 1631884
Top Health Care Financ. 1992;18(4):32-45.

No abstract available.

Tax-exempt multihospital systems increase services, market share.

Modern healthcare

DiPaolo V, Johnson DE.
PMID: 481395
Mod Healthc. 1979 Oct;9(10):12-3.

No abstract available.

"How might a low-cost hospital system look?" Lessons from the Rochester experience.

Medical care

Hartman SE, Mukamel DB.
PMID: 2784524
Med Care. 1989 Mar;27(3):234-43. doi: 10.1097/00005650-198903000-00002.

An innovative, collaborative approach to promoting the effective and efficient delivery of hospital services and to maintaining the solvency of the nine participating hospitals in the greater Rochester, New York area has been successful. An evaluation of the early...

The effect of chain ownership on nursing home costs.

Health services research

McKay NL.
PMID: 1826676
Health Serv Res. 1991 Apr;26(1):109-24.
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Although it is commonly assumed that chain ownership will result in lower costs due to economies of scale, the empirical evidence with respect to the effect of chain ownership on nursing home costs is mixed. Chain for-profit nursing homes...

Showing 1 to 12 of 1654 entries