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Antimony accumulation in hair during treatment of leishmaniasis.

Clinical chemistry

Dorea JG, Costa JM, Holzbecher J, Ryan DE, Marsden PD.
PMID: 3677383
Clin Chem. 1987 Nov;33(11):2081-2.

We used instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) to determine antimony in small quantities of hair from individuals living in an area of endemic leishmaniasis. The groups studied were 12 patients undergoing treatment with N-methylglucamine antimoniate, 34 patients who had...

Meglumine iodipamide (Cholografin) hepatotoxicity.

Annals of internal medicine

Sutherland LR, Edwards LA, Medline A, Wilkinson RW, Connon JJ.
PMID: 848806
Ann Intern Med. 1977 Apr;86(4):437-9. doi: 10.7326/0003-4819-86-4-437.

Two cases of meglumine iodipamide (Cholografin) hepatotoxicity were confirmed by liver biopsy. The hepatic lesion was centrilobular in location and resolved within a short period of time. Nausea and vomiting commonly reported after intravenous cholangiography may be clinical manifestations...

[Visceral leishmaniasis in 2 siblings and their father].


Haarscher A, Gardéa A, de Benoist B, Kien T, Rohmer A.
PMID: 724372
Pediatrie. 1978 Dec;33(8):801-10.

No abstract available.

Amipaque in coronary angiography.

Diagnostic imaging

Enge I, Nitter-Hauge S, Levorstad K, Andrew E.
PMID: 498915
Diagn Imaging. 1979;48(4):219-22.

Comparative studies between Isopaque Coronar and Amipaque with equal concentration of iodine (370 mg I/ml), have been carried out in more than 130 patients. Hemodynamic and electrocardiographic registrations before, during and after selective coronary angiography showed that the diastolic...

Comparative study in angiocardiography in children, evaluating the side-effects of non-ionic and ionic contrast media.

Diagnostic imaging

Kunnen M, Devloo-Blancquaert A.
PMID: 498918
Diagn Imaging. 1979;48(4):228-34.

The study concerns 127 consecutive patients, presenting congenital heart disease, with an age distribution from neonatal to 15 years (mean 5 years). With non-ionic Amipaque, 164 injections were performed, with ionic Isopaque Coronar 81. Isopaque Coronar caused in 51%...

Atrial natriuretic peptides inhibit conductive sodium uptake by rabbit inner medullary collecting duct cells.

The Journal of clinical investigation

Zeidel ML, Kikeri D, Silva P, Burrowes M, Brenner BM.
PMID: 2458385
J Clin Invest. 1988 Sep;82(3):1067-74. doi: 10.1172/JCI113663.
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The inner medullary collecting duct (IMCD) effects net sodium reabsorption under the control of volume regulatory hormones, including atrial natriuretic peptides (ANP). These studies examined the mechanisms of sodium transport and its regulation by ANP in fresh suspensions of...

Blood inflow into intra-arterial catheters following injection of contrast medium.

Acta radiologica: diagnosis

Dahlborn M, Calissendorff B, Cronestrand R.
PMID: 717032
Acta Radiol Diagn (Stockh). 1978;19(5):817-27. doi: 10.1177/028418517801900511.

Inflow of blood into intra-arterial catheters following injection of contrast medium into the common carotid artery in patients and into the aorta in dogs is investigated. Influence of form and orientation of the catheter in the vessel and the...

A diagnostic bonus for intravenous urography.

Virginia medical

Fitzer PM.
PMID: 343421
Va Med. 1978 Feb;105(2):142-3.

No abstract available.

Visceral leishmaniasis in congenic mice of susceptible and resistant phenotypes: immunosuppression by adherent spleen cells.

Infection and immunity

Nickol AD, Bonventre PF.
PMID: 2931376
Infect Immun. 1985 Oct;50(1):160-8. doi: 10.1128/iai.50.1.160-168.1985.
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Visceral leishmaniasis is one of several parasitic diseases of humans characterized by immune suppression. A murine model of disseminated leishmaniasis utilizing inbred strains of specific genetic constitution was used to study the mechanisms of immunosuppression elicited during the course...

Ca2+ influx via Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange in immortalized aortic myocytes. II. Feedback inhibition by [Ca2+]i.

The American journal of physiology

Lyu RM, Smith L, Smith JB.
PMID: 1415513
Am J Physiol. 1992 Sep;263(3):C635-41. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.1992.263.3.C635.

Depolarization with 50 mM K+ evoked a spike in cytosolic free Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) and increased 45Ca2+ uptake in immortalized aortic myocytes. The following evidence indicates that the electrogenic Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger caused the Ca2+ influx that was evoked by K+...

Mammalian lens inter-fiber resistance is modulated by calcium and calmodulin.

Current eye research

Gandolfi SA, Duncan G, Tomlinson J, Maraini G.
PMID: 2387165
Curr Eye Res. 1990 Jun;9(6):533-41. doi: 10.3109/02713689008999593.

The relationship between Ca2+ and lens fiber cell communication was investigated in the isolated intact rat lens by using radiotracer and electrophysiological techniques. The lens internal calcium was increased by adding the SH oxidant diamide (1 mM), by incubating...

MR imaging of CSF-like choroidal fissure and parenchymal cysts of the brain.

AJR. American journal of roentgenology

Sherman JL, Camponovo E, Citrin CM.
PMID: 2120937
AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1990 Nov;155(5):1069-75. doi: 10.2214/ajr.155.5.2120937.

The purposes of this study were to delineate the MR characteristics of CSF-like parenchymal or fissural cysts of the brain and to correlate them with the clinical findings. Clinical data and MR images of 34 patients with these abnormalities...

Showing 1 to 12 of 4026 entries