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[Health care of the rural population in the Cracow region during 1985-1989].

Folia medica Cracoviensia

Gaertner H, Scigalski W.
PMID: 1342994
Folia Med Cracov. 1992;33(1):117-31.

The paper presents the structure and effects of the rural public health service in the Cracow region during the period of 1985-1989 with a short description of its demographic situation. The numbers and indexes concerning medical workers (especially general...

Fairness and feasibility in national health care systems.

Health economics

Pauly MV.
PMID: 1341932
Health Econ. 1992 Jul;1(2):93-103. doi: 10.1002/hec.4730010203.

The issue of National Health Care reform has been discussed from many different perspectives. One of the most fundamental justifications for such reform is based on the notion of horizontal equity. The motivation for equity in medical services use...

The river is rising.

Journal (Indiana Dental Association)

Buyer DM.
PMID: 8040727
J Indiana Dent Assoc. 1993 Nov-Dec;72(6):8.

No abstract available.

National health care reform minus public health: a formula for failure.

Journal of public health policy

Freeman P, Robbins A.
PMID: 7983190
J Public Health Policy. 1994;15(3):261-82.

Universal access to medical services will not address all important health needs. Impending health care reform, guided by public health strategies, could achieve many previously unattainable health goals. However, such a public health role seems unlikely. Public health reaches...

Community: war on the weak.

Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)

Wadeson B.
PMID: 7888351
Nurs Stand. 1995 Jan 25-31;9(18):54. doi: 10.7748/ns.9.18.54.s69.

No abstract available.

National health care reform, Part 2: Response to pharmacists.

American journal of hospital pharmacy

Zellmer WA.
PMID: 7856635
Am J Hosp Pharm. 1994 Dec 15;51(24):3096.

No abstract available.

No need to overhaul the entire system--just fix what's broken.

Texas dental journal

Bonilla H.
PMID: 7940383
Tex Dent J. 1994 Feb;111(2):11.

No abstract available.

The American Dental Association's position on health care reform.

Texas dental journal

[No authors listed]
PMID: 7940385
Tex Dent J. 1994 Feb;111(2):19.

No abstract available.

The Minnesota Medical Association's position on practice parameters. MMA Ad Hoc Committee on Quality Assessment and Data Utilization.

Minnesota medicine

[No authors listed]
PMID: 8041330
Minn Med. 1994 Jun;77(6):20-3.

No abstract available.

A changing image. Diagnostic imaging vendors respond to reform, providers' demands.

Hospitals & health networks

Taylor KS.
PMID: 8012461
Hosp Health Netw. 1994 Jul 05;68(13):36-8, 41.

No abstract available.

Healthcare reform: impact on gastrointestinal endoscopy units.

Gastroenterology nursing : the official journal of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

Schaffner M, Almon M.
PMID: 7981252
Gastroenterol Nurs. 1994 Aug;17(1):2-5.

Healthcare costs, which now comprise 13.4% of the United States gross national product, continue to increase. President Clinton has placed healthcare reform on the national agenda, sparking nationwide debate. The President's plan will have an impact on all healthcare...

Becoming gladiators for healthcare reform.

Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

Puetz BE.
PMID: 7938890
Rehabil Nurs. 1993 Nov-Dec;18(6):360. doi: 10.1002/j.2048-7940.1993.tb00789.x.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 32969 entries