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Peptic ulcer disease--a heterogeneous group of disorders?.


Rotter JI, Rimoin DL.
PMID: 19337
Gastroenterology. 1977 Sep;73(3):604-7.

The familial aggregation of peptic ulcer disease has been well established, as has its association with such clear-cut genetic factors as blood group O and nonsecretor status. However, the genetics of this disorder, or group of disorders, is still...

17 long arm isochromosome. A common anomaly in malignat blood disorders.

Annales de genetique

Engel E, McKee LC, Flexner JM, McGee BJ.
PMID: 50044
Ann Genet. 1975 Mar;18(1):56-60.

A cytogenetic anomaly consisting in the replacement of a 17 by its long arm isochromosome was identified as the only alteration in the marrow cells of two patients with acute granulocytic leukemia. In one case, the specific nature of...

[The molecular biology of aging -- 14: Structure and function of the genetic apparatus in aging. I. Changes in the genome].

Zeitschrift fur Alternsforschung

Martin R, Martin H.
PMID: 538961
Z Alternsforsch. 1979;34(2):117-25.

In the last years there is agreement over the fact that genetic properties have an essential influence on the ageing process. Therefore many scientists choose the genom and its properties as object of the gerontological investigation. This review shows...

[Late replication and X-autosome traslocation a case with banding patterns autoradiographic and B.U.D.R. studies (author's transl)].


Gilgenkrantz S, Mauuary G, Dutrillaux B, Masocco G.
PMID: 50264
Humangenetik. 1975;26(1):24-34.

A patient with ovarian failure was found to have a segment of the long arm of an X chromosome translocated to the distal end of the short arm of a 2nd chromosome: 46,Xt(X;2) (q21;p25). The Barr bodies were of...

Giemsa banding patterns in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.


Crossen PE.
PMID: 50272
Humangenetik. 1975;27(2):151-6.

The banding patterns of chromosomes from 20 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (C.L.L.) have been analyzed. 97 of 100 metaphases examined had a normal banding pattern. The 3 remaining metaphases, all from one patient had bands similar to those...

Karyological instability of neoplastic somatic cells.

In vitro

DiPaolo JA.
PMID: 50282
In Vitro. 1975 Mar-Apr;11(2):89-96. doi: 10.1007/BF02624081.

No abstract available.

Pathologist's role in bladder cancer.

Seminars in oncology

Farrow GM.
PMID: 482961
Semin Oncol. 1979 Jun;6(2):198-206.

No abstract available.

Heterochromatic polymorphism in spontaneous abortions.

Journal of medical genetics

Hemming L, Burns C.
PMID: 513080
J Med Genet. 1979 Oct;16(5):358-62. doi: 10.1136/jmg.16.5.358.
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Since the advent of C-banding as a routine diagnostic procedure, the significance of heterochromatic polymorphism has been questioned. Some workers have considered variations in heterochromatin in chromosomes 1 and 9 to be associated with fetal wastage, recurrent abortions, and...

Late replicating X chromosomes in human triploidy.

American journal of human genetics

Jacobs PA, Matsuyama AM, Buchanan IM, Wilson C.
PMID: 484553
Am J Hum Genet. 1979 Jul;31(4):446-57.
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The status of X-chromosome replication was studied in twenty-seven 69,XXY and nine 69,XXX human triploids in which the parental origin of the additional haploid set was known from the study of chromosome heteromorphisms. Among the 69,XXY triploids, fourteen had...

Chromosomes of malignant lymphomas. Studies in short-term cultures from lymph nodes of twenty cases.


Fleischmann T, Håkansson CH, Levan A.
PMID: 786957
Hereditas. 1976;83(1):47-56. doi: 10.1111/j.1601-5223.1976.tb01569.x.

No abstract available.

Determination of the primitive karyotype for Peromyscus.

Journal of mammalogy

Greenbaum IF, Baker RJ.
PMID: 750637
J Mammal. 1978 Nov;59(4):820-34.

No abstract available.

Diagnostic value of chromosome studies in leukemia.

Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia

Welter D.
PMID: 750646
J Med Assoc Ga. 1978 Jun;68(6):459-63.

No abstract available.

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