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Effect of atropine upon the cardiovascular system during soman-induced respiratory depression.

Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie

Lipp JA.
PMID: 821408
Arch Int Pharmacodyn Ther. 1976 Mar;220(1):19-27.

The effects of atropine, doxapram and isoproterenol upon soman-induced respiratory depression were investigated in the monkey. Administration of atropine resulted in an immediate increase in heart rate accompanied by a gradual increase in respiratory rate. The improvement in the...

[Ontogenic changes in cardiac rhythm during acute hypoxia in dogs and rabbits].

Zhurnal evoliutsionnoi biokhimii i fiziologii

Akopyan NS.
PMID: 1217289
Zh Evol Biokhim Fiziol. 1975 Mar-Apr;11(2):159-63.

Newborn dogs and rabbits exhibit unequal reactivity of cardiac activity to acute hypoxia as compared to adult ones, being lesser in the newborn. In dogs, during postnatal life as well as during adaptation to hypoxia, tachycardic effect of atropine...

Cardiopulmonary effects of fentanyl-droperidol, nitrous oxide, and atropine sulfate in dogs.

American journal of veterinary research

Krahwinkel DJ, Sawyer DC, Eyster GE, Bender G.
PMID: 1155837
Am J Vet Res. 1975 Aug;36(8):1211-9.

The cardiopulmonary effects of droperidol-fentanyl, nitrous oxide, and atropine were evaluated in 12 adult male Beagle dogs. All dogs were surgically instrumented with a cardiac output thermistor and arterial and venous catheters and were prepared with a chronic tracheostomy....

[The participation of the cholinergic system in the genesis of the reflex vasodilatation in the gracilis muscle of the dog (author's transl)].

Giornale italiano di cardiologia

Rengo F, Perez G, Saccà L, Chiariello M, Trimarco B, De Caprio L, Condorelli M.
PMID: 1010199
G Ital Cardiol. 1976;6(3):476-82.

These experiments were undertaken to demonstrate the participation of the cholinergic system in the reflex vasodilatation in the gracilis muscle of the dog evoked by rapid i.v. injection of norepinephrine. The analysis of the integrated areas of vasodilatation curves...

Action of crude and fractioned homogenates of the midgut gland of the sea hare Aplysia brasiliana Rang, 1828 on some cholinoceptive structures.

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. C: Comparative pharmacology

de Freitas JC.
PMID: 11956
Comp Biochem Physiol C Comp Pharmacol. 1977;56(1):57-61. doi: 10.1016/0306-4492(77)90050-8.

No abstract available.

[Effect of acetylcholine and atropine on renal secretion of blood-clotting compounds into the bloodstream].

Biulleten' eksperimental'noi biologii i meditsiny

Sokratov NV, Skipetrov VP.
PMID: 851616
Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1977 Feb;83(2):187-9.

Experiments with perfusion of the kidneys in situ in cats demonstrated that excretion by the kidneys into the circulation of the coagulation factors and fibrinolytic agents could be regulated. Acetylcholine decreased the release into the circulation of the hemocoagulating...

Relaxant response of goat trachea to 5-hydroxy-tryptamine mediated by D-tryptamine receptors.

British journal of pharmacology

Chand N, DeRoth L, Eyre P.
PMID: 465888
Br J Pharmacol. 1979 Jun;66(2):331-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1476-5381.1979.tb13684.x.
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1 Goat isolated trachea contracted in response to carbachol, histamine and 2-pyridylethylamine (an H(1)-receptor agonist) and relaxed after application of isoprenaline. 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and phenylephrine.2 Mepyramine, a selective H(1)-receptor antagonist, blocked histamine- and 2-pyridylethylamine-induced contractions. In high doses it...

Possible relationship between salivary kallikrein and water-Na-K secretion stimulated by tityustoxin (TsTx).

Advances in experimental medicine and biology

Catanzaro OL, Seeber AM, Beraldo WT.
PMID: 495328
Adv Exp Med Biol. 1979;120:451-9. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4757-0926-1_41.

Intravenous injection of purified scorpion toxin (TsTx) brings about the appearance of salivary flow with high levels of Na and K and kallikrein in the saliva of the rats. In experiments performed in vivo a positive correlation between Na...

The role of the septal nuclei in the release of acetyl-choline from the rabbit cerebral cortex and dorsal hippocampus and the effect of atropine.

Brain research

Dudar JD.
PMID: 884503
Brain Res. 1977 Jul 01;129(2):237-46. doi: 10.1016/0006-8993(77)90004-x.

Acetylcholine (ACh) was collected from the alvear surface of the dorsal hippocampus and cerebral cortex in chloralose-urethane anaesthetized or unanaesthetized rabbits. With anaesthesia, the resting release of ACh from the hippocampus was greater than that from the cortex. Wthout...

Imipramine affects autonomic control of sinoatrial rate in isolated right atrial preparations.

The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics

Malik R, Courtney KR, Jensen RA.
PMID: 501562
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1979 Nov;211(2):284-9.

The effects of imipramine on sinoatrial rate and chronotropic responses to transmural stimulation (TS) were studied in the isolated guinea-pig right atrial preparation. The negative chronotropic response (cholinergically mediated rate decrease) to TS was progressively inhibited by imipramine (5...

Electrophysiology and pharmacology of striated muscle fibres cultured from dissociated neonatal rat pineal glands.

The Journal of physiology

Freschi JE, Parfitt AG, Shain WG.
PMID: 501574
J Physiol. 1979 Aug;293:1-10. doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.1979.sp012875.
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1. Striated muscle fibres were found in each of twenty consecutive pineal glands cultured from individual neonatal rats.2. In subsequent experiments performed with dissociated cultures of pineal organs pooled from several litters, myotubes were first visible after about 1...

Increase in the turnover of brain dopamine by stimulation of muscarinic receptors outside the dopamine nerve terminals.

The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology

Andén NE, Wachtel H.
PMID: 19584
J Pharm Pharmacol. 1977 Jul;29(7):435-7. doi: 10.1111/j.2042-7158.1977.tb11360.x.

No abstract available.

Showing 1 to 12 of 17278 entries