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hpvPDB: An Online Proteome Reserve for Human Papillomavirus.

Genomics & informatics

Kumar S, Jena L, Daf S, Mohod K, Goyal P, Varma AK.
PMID: 24465243
Genomics Inform. 2013 Dec;11(4):289-91. doi: 10.5808/GI.2013.11.4.289. Epub 2013 Dec 31.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the leading cause of cancer mortality among women worldwide. The molecular understanding of HPV proteins has significant connotation for understanding their intrusion in the host and designing novel protein vaccines and anti-viral agents, etc....

Long-fragment targeted capture for long-read sequencing of plastomes.

Applications in plant sciences

Bethune K, Mariac C, Couderc M, Scarcelli N, Santoni S, Ardisson M, Martin JF, Montúfar R, Klein V, Sabot F, Vigouroux Y, Couvreur TLP.
PMID: 31139509
Appl Plant Sci. 2019 May 08;7(5):e1243. doi: 10.1002/aps3.1243. eCollection 2019 May.

PREMISE: Third-generation sequencing methods generate significantly longer reads than those produced using alternative sequencing methods. This provides increased possibilities for the study of biodiversity, phylogeography, and population genetics. We developed a protocol for in-solution enrichment hybridization capture of long...

Polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Indian journal of clinical biochemistry : IJCB

Sritharan M, Sritharan V.
PMID: 23105283
Indian J Clin Biochem. 2000 Aug;15:200-16. doi: 10.1007/BF02867559.

A rapid, sensitive, specific and yet economical method for the diagnosis ofM. tuberculosis and other mycobacteria in clinical specimen is a desperate and urgent requirement of the day in the laboratory diagnosis and hence management of tuberculosis. This need...

Cervical human papillomavirus prevalence and genotype distribution among hybrid capture 2 positive women 15 to 64 years of age in the Gurage zone, rural Ethiopia.

Infectious agents and cancer

Leyh-Bannurah SR, Prugger C, de Koning MN, Goette H, Lellé RJ.
PMID: 25320636
Infect Agent Cancer. 2014 Oct 08;9(1):33. doi: 10.1186/1750-9378-9-33. eCollection 2014.

BACKGROUND: Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a prerequisite of cervical cancer, the leading cause of cancer mortality in Ethiopian women today. Data on Ethiopian cervical HPV prevalence and genotype distribution are rare, but essential as pre-vaccine baseline data to...

Probe Position-Dependent Counterion Dynamics in DNA: Comparison of Time-Resolved Stokes Shift of Groove-Bound to Base-Stacked Probes in the Presence of Different Monovalent Counterions.

The journal of physical chemistry letters

Verma SD, Pal N, Singh MK, Sen S.
PMID: 26295881
J Phys Chem Lett. 2012 Sep 20;3(18):2621-6. doi: 10.1021/jz300934x. Epub 2012 Sep 05.

Time-resolved fluorescence Stokes shifts (TRFSS) of 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) inside the minor groove of DNA are measured in the presence of three different monovalent counterions: sodium (Na(+)), rubidium (Rb(+)), and tetrabutylammonium (TBA(+)). Fluorescence up-conversion and time-correlated single photon counting are...

Expression of human papillomavirus and prognosis of juvenile laryngeal papilloma.

International journal of clinical and experimental medicine

Li J, Zhang TY, Tan LT, Wang SY, Chen YY, Tian JY, Da WY, He P, Zhao YM.
PMID: 26629043
Int J Clin Exp Med. 2015 Sep 15;8(9):15521-7. eCollection 2015.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between clinical behavior and expression of human papillomavirus (HPV) in patients with juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis, in an attempt to develop an effective molecular biological method to predict prognosis. We...

Molecular diagnostic techniques.

Medicine (Abingdon, England : UK ed.)

Fawley WN, Wilcox MH.
PMID: 32288562
Medicine (Abingdon). 2005 Mar 01;33(3):26-32. doi: 10.1383/medc. Epub 2006 Oct 30.

Molecular diagnostic techniques will continue to transform clinical microbiology. They provide more rapid and sensitive testing that impacts directly on clinical management of infected patients. Molecular diagnostic tests arose from the need to detect micro-organisms that are slow or...

DNA Microarray for Rapid Detection and Identification of Food and Water Borne Bacteria: From Dry to Wet Lab.

The open microbiology journal

Ranjbar R, Behzadi P, Najafi A, Roudi R.
PMID: 29290845
Open Microbiol J. 2017 Nov 30;11:330-338. doi: 10.2174/1874285801711010330. eCollection 2017.

BACKGROUND: A rapid, accurate, flexible and reliable diagnostic method may significantly decrease the costs of diagnosis and treatment. Designing an appropriate microarray chip reduces noises and probable biases in the final result.OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to...

Salivary detection of high-risk human papillomavirus 16 in oral squamous cell carcinoma using polymerase chain reaction in the South Indian population.

Journal of cancer research and therapeutics

Krishnappa SL, David CM, Ramnarayan BK, Kanaparthi A, Krishnappa SL, Dukkireddy D.
PMID: 34528558
J Cancer Res Ther. 2021 Jul-Sep;17(4):1017-1024. doi: 10.4103/jcrt.JCRT_957_19.

INTRODUCTION: Human papilloma virus (HPV) has been associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) as a potential carcinogen. There are several types of HPV, of which type 16 has been strongly implicated in carcinogenesis. HPV16 in saliva can potentially...

Utilization of Human Papillomavirus DNA Detection for Cervical Cancer Screening in Women Presenting With Abnormal Cytology in Lokoja, Nigeria.

Jundishapur journal of microbiology

Kolawole O, Ogah J, Alabi O, Suleiman M, Amuda O, Kolawole F.
PMID: 26568803
Jundishapur J Microbiol. 2015 Oct 20;8(10):e22620. doi: 10.5812/jjm.22620. eCollection 2015 Oct.

BACKGROUND: Cervical cancer is regarded as the second highest cause of cancer deaths in Nigeria, with an overall prevalence similar to most developing countries. Screening for cervical cancer is primarily performed using papanicolaou (PAP) staining procedure, in Nigeria.OBJECTIVES: This...

Direct diagnosis ofMycobacterium tuberculosis in blood samples of HIV infected patients by polymerase chain reaction.

Indian journal of clinical biochemistry : IJCB

Kamatchiammal S, Saravanakumar D, Kumarasamy N, Solomon S, Sritharan M, Sritharan V.
PMID: 23105245
Indian J Clin Biochem. 2000 Jul;15(2):76-82. doi: 10.1007/BF02883732.

We have developed a simple, economical and reproducible method for processing blood samples from HIV infected patients for diagnosis of tuberculosis. The procedure was validated on 55 samples selected for tuberculosis based on clinical criteria. 52 patients had radiological...

Satellite DNA probes of Alstroemeria longistaminea (Alstroemeriaceae) paint the heterochromatin and the B chromosome, reveal a G-like banding pattern, and point to a strong structural karyotype conservation.


Ribeiro T, Vaio M, Félix LP, Guerra M.
PMID: 34148192
Protoplasma. 2021 Jun 20; doi: 10.1007/s00709-021-01681-7. Epub 2021 Jun 20.

Alstroemeria species present a well-conserved and asymmetric karyotype. The genus is divided into a Chilean clade, rich in heterochromatin, and a Brazilian clade, poor in heterochromatin. We investigated the distribution of the main repetitive sequences in the chromosomes of...

Showing 1 to 12 of 413 entries